We're 6 years old now

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It's been long

6 years ago on 8 April 2014, Our co-founders @tmlee and @bobster introduced CoinGecko to the world because they wanted to solve an issue they faced personally. You can read more about it at our personal blog.


Our ANN page on Bitcointalk, which was edited a few months ago to reflect the changes

Much has changed in the crypto-blockchain space that the @coingecko today really has grown so much from the CoinGecko that was first introduced to the world.

We're happy to receive the support from everyone in the space and to continue being our fans through thick and thin. Things may look different on the surface here at CoinGecko but ultimately we can say that we still very much hold true to the values that made us started CoinGecko.com way back in the day.

As a crypto data provider, we will continue to be impartial, factual, and strive to be as accurate as possible. Also, we're just an email/DM/comment away if you want to reach out to us. We're always happy to hear from you guys.

Quick Plug

We've released our First ever book, "How to Defi" (Steem post here) to give you the ultimate beginner's guide to the DeFi space.

Here's what the editors over at CoinTelegraph said about the book: "It is written in a very easy style that I think most people who are interested in the subject would be able to follow."

Give it a read, you can download it for free at https://landing.coingecko.com/how-to-defi/

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Great to see you doing so well. I've been using your site for the past couple of years and have been really impressed with the way you have updated and expanded it along the way.
Way better than CMC.

ain't that right! What more now with the acquisition by Binance, how many people can take cmc's word that they'll remain unbiased in data presentation?

It really isnt wrong now to say that @coingecko is the Top Independant Crypto Data website. Since cmc has been bought by Binance.

Coingecko is quite better than coinmarketcap. Coingecko always provide real market data. Always my first choice....

Happy birthday Gecko! 😁👍 You guys and your api really rock! By far my favourite Crypto viewing platform (mainly for the ability to switch currencies and your easy api but I have more reasons if you need :P)

Keep doing what you do. 🍷 Here's to another prosperous 6 years.

Gecko on.
~ CA

You're getting old

no longer a baby Gecko that's for sure!

Well if the following post looks familiar, you know why !

I maximise the attention possible haha

Happy Birthday to you @coingecko, Happy Birthday to you @Coingecko ! .... ❤️

Glad to have you here and to many more birthdays.

I will check out your links as I am quite behind on these topics.

Upvoted and Resteemed obviously 😃.



This is so amazing!! I have been following you since the beginning and have always been very impressed, keep up the good work.

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Thanks for being the best site for checking on crypto and thanks for adding HIVE and HUNT and many other lesser known crypto that coinmarketcap.com doesn't seem to bother with. Thanks for being a witness here as well :)