Sipping A Cup of Espresso at De Putroe Coffee Shop

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I was pretty busy in the last couples weeks as I was doctor in charge in isolation room for Covid-19 patients. I had to visit them everyday to examine and make a planning for them. Sometime I have to change regimens as most of them had not only Covid-19 infection but also other accompanying disease like diabetes mellitus, hypertension, congestive heart failure and gastrointestinal discomforts. So, I spent most of the time at the hospital. How about coffee?

As I am a coffee lover, I need to drink coffee every day, a cup or two, sometimes three cups. During my duty at the hospital, I take ground coffee. My staff made it for me. The ground coffee is also Gayo arabica. It’s really great coffee with a wonderful taste, fruity hints and low acidity. Sure, ground coffee is not as thick as espresso. But, I still got the caffeine.

A few days ago I was off duty. I have finished my shift in treating Covid-19 patients. So now, I would love to share the ambience of a coffee shop with you. The coffee shop is De Putroe which is located in Banda Aceh, the capital city of Aceh Province, Indonesia. I recalled the photos from archives.

Upon arriving at the coffee shop, I found cozy ambience and calm environment with no other costumers that time. I walked in with a friend of mine and ordered arabica coffee espresso. I love arabica since it has lower caffein than robusta.


The Design

I love the design of De Putro Coffee shop. I’ll share with you some photos of their interior and exterior designs. It’s simple but amazing and lovely look. Most parts of interior and furniture are made by pines wood.



They painted a world map on the wall, that may reflect that coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world after oil. Yeah, and that’s true that coffee is the top beverage among other. And I think coffee is not just a beverage but it has been a part of culture.

When I visited Paris in 2017, I’ve seen a lot of coffee shop at any corner of the city though France doesn’t grow coffee. They are importer. France is among the top five of coffee importers in the world.

The top 5 importers of coffee (United States, Germany, France, Italy, Canada) bought 47.7% of the worldwide total in 2020.Source

When in Paris, I sipped a cup of coffee at Corner Haussmann which is located near Galeries Lafayette. After shopping there, I took my coffee there. I would love to share a photo when I was there.


Yeah, go back to “De Putro Coffee Shop”. It’s located at a corner too. The corner of Prof Ali Hasyimi Street, it’s just next to Canai Mamak KL Restaurant. It’s easy to reach there, which is only 3 minutes drive from Hermes Palace Hotel, the only five stars hotel in Banda Aceh.


The lighting is also cool, with simple hanging lamps. I am sure, the coffee shop would be more lively at night. As most people go to a coffee shop at night to hangout with friends or families. It’s great quality times. For sure.

Roastery Room

De Putroe Coffee Shop has a roasting machine too. It’s placed in a special room at the terrace of the shop. On the right side. It’s painted in white color.


I entered the room. And I saw a roasting machine: William 3000. The machine is local product with best quality. Some machines have already exported as well.


The roasted beans are placed in some big glass bottles. They are all arabica coffee. And all of them are from Gayo Highlands of Sumatra Island.



There are two grinders in the room. De Putro Coffee Shop also produce ground coffee.


If you would love to see roasted beans more closely, here they are. Inspecting the roasted beans, I was sure they are roasted in the level of medium to dark. For espresso is common with this level of roasting.


You know, I loved the coffee smell inside roastery room as if it delivered caffeine and penetrate into my blood. Lol

How My Coffee Was Made

Let’s take a look when the barista made coffee for me and my friend. He use a manual espresso machine: Hota.



The barista started to make two shots. And let’s take a look how the espresso was coming out from the machine.



And here my coffee was already served on the table. The color of coffee inside my cup was dark brown looking as it’s lack of light when I took the photo.


Finally, I had my coffee that afternoon. It’s a cup of coffee with the world map in the backdrop. It’s a symbol that coffee is the most drank beverage in the planet.


Enjoy! Thank you for reading.

Warm regard,

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