Colorful glass《五彩缤纷的玻璃》---My son's drawing

in cn •  4 years ago 

富贵作画 彩色的玻璃 3.16.png

今天我大儿子放学回家后,说美术老师教了他们画《五彩缤纷的玻璃》,回家又画了一副觉得不错,让我替他保存好。那就上传到Steemit吧,作为留恋 :)。


Today, my oldest son told me that his art teacher taught him how to draw "Colorful Glass" in school, and he show me his work and asked me to keep it well. So I hope to record it on Steemit. This should be a good memory. :)

Have a nice weekend!

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