32 000 SP Reached | Another Step Towards 🐬x7 | 500 STEEM to Vest

in clubdolphin •  7 months ago 


Before 17 days, I reached 31 000 SP and started to join #club5050 to reach 40 000SP faster.

Today I am going to power up another 500 STEEM to pass 32 000SP.


It has been 1 year and 7 months since my journey started. For this short time, I was able to achieve so many things in my steemit life as well as real life.

My next target to pass 33 000SP by the middle of next month.

Don't forget to join #spud4steem on January 1st. What you have to do is powerup on 1st of January and share screenshots of your wallet before and after. There are some rules you have to follow when joining this event.SPUD4STEEM Guidelines.. Top 5 winners will be provided with amazing delegation prizes!

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Te felicito por el éxito yo estaba muy contenta porque llegue apenas a 4000 SP y ahora con esta publicación me di cuenta que aún falta mucho camino que recorrer si tú pudiste todos podemos

That’s awesome. I don’t earn much on Steemit. What’s the secret ? I earn much more on Blurt.

I had some great support from the beginning from sc01. You are a lucky early investor

Yeah… I have been here blogging every single day on Steemit since June 2017… but only have 17,000 Steem power ($7,000 usd) .

I started blogging on Blurt July 2020 and have over 1 million Blurt. ($40,000 usd) For some reason I do much better on Blurt. It’s very strange. I even bought a car with my Blurt.


I even bought a car with my Blurt.

seriously.. Great.. To me investing is a bit expensive compared to our $ rate. But on steemit I spent some money. I am still observing blurt. Let's see :)

Yeah.. I am really liking Dtube since the videos automatically get posted to Steemit and Blurt …

Congratulations… followed via Blurt