Finally Achieved Club5050 - 1200 Steem Powered Up!

in club5050 •  9 months ago 


Hey Everyone, i am here finally entering in the Club5050 with pride. I prioritized all my Steems for powerup. I have done a powerup of almost all my month's earning. It was less when compared to other days because i wasn't eligible for #club5050 perhaps. Anyways, i have now reached a level where i can powerup more and reach the club75 in the next month!

Steem Pakistan Divider 2.png

Here is my Powerup History and Normal Transfers that i made in the last 30 days!



This is a short confirmation post where i can proudly announce that i have now reached the level of #club5050!

DurationPowerupNormal Transfer
1 Month1199 Steem41 SBD=430 Steem!

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Cc: @steemcurator01


Country Representative PakistanHaidermehdi
Contact+92 3182140907

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Yes finally

Congratulations on reaching the height of club5050.

You're only 2K away from double dolphin 🐬🐬🎉.

Yes very soon IA <3

#club5050 😀

All the way 😀😀

Insha Allah sir you will be double dolphin 🐬 🐬 soon in coming days
My best wishes are always with you sir 💜