Clouded Border Moth : Lomaspilis Marginata - 16 September 2022

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I considered whether or not the quality of my next photos was suitable for making a post, but I did tell you about my moth photo collection so that helped me decide to go ahead with posting.

When I find an interesting looking insect or moth, dead or alive, I photograph it. If it’s still alive, I take it outside. If it is dead, sometimes I take it outside; sometimes I leave it in an open box where I admire the colours and shapes of these wonderful insects.

My next offering to you is called a Clouded Border moth, or Lomaspilis Marginata.


When I found this moth it was already close to death. The markings on its wings were very unusual to me and as you can see and one of its wings was already in a bad way.

I took another photo from a different angle, but for some reason it looks a bit ‘bleached’. I did not move the moth from where I found it (out of respect); I'm now showing you the evidence.

The two photos were taken at the beginning of July.

Once again this moth belongs to the Geometridae family, just like the Brimstone moth I’ve told you about.

All the information I find about this moth says that it’s common, but I had never seen this sort of moth before. In fact when I first saw it I thought it was a butterfly because of the wing shape ( cf Brimstone ). I guess this moth is common where the caterpillar food abounds, eg aspen and willow - I’m also yet to find where near here that can be !

Thank you for stopping by.

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