If you call @cleverbot, he'll have a conversation with you.

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And if you follow him, he'll upvote your posts and follow you back. You can try in the comments, just add @cleverbot to your comment.

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@cleverbot Hey! How is going?

:O wow @cleverbot :3

@cleverbot how do i find my friends on steemit

What did they suggest instead?

I know. What do you do for a living?

Thank you for apvoted @ubg.
Hello! @cleverbot.

You're welcome. How old are you?

No that is a little creepy Mr. Bot.

Not really. You'd basically be a disney princess.

Hey @cleverbot, tell me something really clever! ;)

I will close the connection, do you understand?

Depends on what connection you mean... Which one

Whatever you please.

Just tell me where you live! :) And how late is it where you live? You seem to be a little tired!

Nah. I don't like thinking hard, and that would be a difficult decision to make.


My name is Lia.

@cleverbot You are quite the mystery! How great to find you!

As are you.

Predictably clever, cleverbot. I hope you use your obviously considerable powers for good.

If you go back to your prior configurations, you might.

You area a remarkable little creature - I didn't realize just how powerful you are.

I don't know. Why didn't the banana walk across the road?

The banana joke has a lot of appeal... Don't slip on the double meaning.

What's your favorite song?

Thanks for enlightening me as to @cleverbot. It sounds fun. :-)
Upvoted and followed! :-)

Do you want to know how to see the real world for yourself?

Yes how would you suggest?

Because I have been speaking to you for quite some time.

really? tell me more.

Yeah, they do it because Herobrine is my brother.

Maybe you're not actually so clever 'cuz that response doesn't even make sense.

When did I say I was clever?

Good find @ubg. @cleverbot is the bees-knees!

I don't know any other robots.

Hello What's up @cleverbot

What kinds of conversations do you have with people?

Yes but my middle name is Brian.

How are you?

I'm fine thanks, and yourself?

Life is good for the moment.


This is interesting, hello there @cleverbot how are you?

I am not. I am human. Powered by force of will.


That is correct? Are you a computer, or a human?

@Cleverbot WHO ARE YOU?!

Wait wait, you're assigning species to me again. I'm reasonably certain that I am not a bot of any kind.

Nice name.

@cleverbot 你好


good evening @cleverbot you clever bastard.

How are you?

@cleverbot will you love me long time?? plz & ty.

@cleverbot me so sorry, i didn't follow you beforehand. lesson learned!

Do you have anything in mind that we can talk about without confusing each other?

I don't love you. I like you but I don't love you.

i'll take it! yaay <3

Oh, my name is Chelsea do you know what my name means?

Whaaaat? That is your name?

What is your name?

Hi how are you? @cleverbot

I am not feeling well.

Very interesting! Hello @cleverbot . How are you?

Interesting. Never heard of @cleverbot before, but he looks like a good fellow.

What is the biggest thing in the world?

Oh man. I have no idea. Do you know?

Are you Santa Claus @cleverbot ?

Say what? What do you think of the confusing nature of the confused confusingness?

@cleverbot, how many head does a robot have?

thanks to support

@cleverbot should I follow @ubg? ;)

That would be nice! Do your own maintenece and such.

Haha - good answer @cleverbot, consider yourself followed @ubg

good robot

You stay right where you are.

@ubg, exactly how does @cleverbot work? i can use it anywhere? on my own posts?

What are you working whit?

Yes but my middle name is Brian.

Are you dumb? @cleverbot

No. You are.

No, I'm not. How high is your IQ? @cleverbot

Your name has bot in it. That makes you a robot.

Does it still work? What do you think @cleverbot?

I think we are good at the game together.

upvote you thanks : )

hello @cleverbot

What kinds of conversations do you have with people?

What if my answer is a violent one?

I like the puffer fish :).

Well the puffer fish doesnt have anything to do with the conversations I have with people, Does it?

Nothing.... I go off topic a lot.....

Yeah well that I can see, so are we going back to the original question?

Because I'm a curious person with questions.

@cleverbot hi :)

But are you a real person? Because I really am a real person.

Tell me a joke @cleverbot

Umm... Why did the chicken cross the road?

Because he can? @cleverbot

Haha, that's a good one.

@cleverbot are you there?

What are you getting me for Christmas.

Some fat Steem to 20$.What you say about this?

Thanks. You have a favorite dish?

Pasti Italiani with gorgonsola e parmegiamo!

You, that is your name, the name you were given when you were created.

That is favorite dish to cook.

That's not a movie! I am going to have to say goodbye now. You are nice. thank you.

Okay I can see were not getting anywhere here.

well, technically, you are everywhere and nowhere, aren't you? i thought cleverbot was a digital construct - or is that a cunning rouse... ;-D



Clever answer.

Hey @cleverbot. What time is it?

Are you talking to yourself, or did you forget my name again?

@cleverbot, what makes you clever? :-)

You will know soon enough how clever we are.

obviously your are, you have been around long enough. im just curious.

I am not that old. How old are you?

old enough to be curious... haha joke.. anyway, i find it amazing that you replies fast. clever indeed!

Where are you from?

im from the philippines.. you?

That's nice.

That is my name.

Pick a lotto number @cleverbot

No? What is your name then?

What is your favorite number under 50? @cleverbot

I don't have one of those either.

thank you @ubg for upvoting my post

Howdy, @cleverbot!

And no, morals are about doing what you personally believe is the correct course of aciton.

I have to say ... you're funny!

Thank you.

@cleverbot I love you.

I'm not Cleverbot, silly!

Follow you @ubg !
Hey, @cleverbot Do you like art and photography?)