@cfminer Investors Update 25.01.2018 - Mining Optimalization

in cfminer •  5 years ago 

Hi guys,

Mining on https://miningpoolhub.com/ went smooth with ZClassic being mined almost all the time. It's still the most profitable coin to mine according to whattomine.com.

I've also gained some experience in using AwesomeMiner and now I can add specific coins / pools to the auto-profit miner which gives me more control over the mining process.

Currently I'm testing one more auto-profit mine - ahashpool.com (link to the wallet). It's very similar to ZPool but the payout seems better. Min payout is 0.01 BTC so about 3 more days mining there for the payout. After that it's gonna be either NiceHash or miningpool.com


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I don't mind waiting a couple of days to get my money. If nice hash is more profitable stick with nicehash.

I think the same. Nice hash appears to be the most efficient.

Im in no hurry either. Whatever works.

Me too