@cfminer Investors Update - 01.03.2018

in cfminer •  5 years ago 

Hi guys, update time.

Currently the rig is mining on ahashpool.com -wallet address: https://ahashpool.com/wallet.php?wallet=3EhQvk2KorUEVjmEd9giudUurE17UjQinL

This is an alternative to zpool which I hoped will give better results but it did not :)
But! I learned how to connect to specific algorithm on those multi-algo pools so I can manually pick the most profitable one instead leaving the decision to faulty scripts.

The min payout is 0.005 BTC every 10 days and 0.008 BTC every day so the rig will be mining about 4 more days and then payout. Then I will check the profitability calculators and choose the next place to mine. NiceHash is looking good again lately :)

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  ·  5 years ago (edited)

Perfect CF! Keep up the great work, : ) ))))