Some lives don't matter- A short story

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He raised his hand, pointing at people from right to left and then back again.
"You. You You. You all. You are being ignored. NO! You are being thrown to the margins, far away from the benefits, far from the opportunity and far enough that you will not matter anymore.

WHY? Why do you think three major textile factories are going to close? Because they are your lifeline. With ten thousand households without an income who will have the time to look around him, let alone see the damage done. They want to make you helpless, so you Don't protest, Don't ask, Don't raise your heads!"

By now every one of the nearly three thousand strong crowd was mesmerized. Jay Vanit went on to speak for a few minutes more and ended with a call to join the online protests against the present government policy. By the next day all local papers, TV channels and news portals were talking about this "spontaneous" outburst of protest and the emerging face of the protest- Jay Vanit.

The policy in question was about helping the entrepreneurs upgrade their production facilities to compete with their global counterparts. And this law was passed only after much lobbying and "pushing" bureaucrats and "appeasing" ministers.

Two days later Jay received the call he was waiting for. A mere party worker, he called himself and the people who knew him called him "Patron." Jay answered as politely as possible, even bowing for the camera.

"I am ready."

"Yes. Jay I thought so. On Monday stage a protest in front of the Excelle Factory. You arrive a little late and stay near the back. The Police will be on hand. Once you start sloganeering, one of them will hit you with his truncheon, may be on the face. OK so far?"

"Of Course Patron."

"Good. May be a stitch or two at most. As the police rush in, I will have a few of my people break lock and open the gate. You have to get your people to run inside. OK?"

"Yes. I can do it . I will have to ... prepare my lieutenants..three of them."

"Pay them 20K each of the three people you choose. But you stay outside, act unconscious or hurt. That should do it. How much should I send?"

"Whatever you decide is best."

"Please Jay. Don't act coy."


"Huh. Greedy Bastard!.. fine. But make it natural. The news teams will be there."

Patron cut the call and dialed the chairman of Excelle Industries.

"Mr. Mayne. We are all set."

"Thank You. Patron you are as dependable as ever."

Monday Evening News: Fire breaks out at Excelle. Twenty protestors killed in the blast. Jay injured in police action.

Friday Headlines: "Pan Insurance puts Excelle losses at 11 Million."

The Patron reads the headline and calls the chairman again.

"Mr. Mayne. I hope everything is fine."

"Of course. Of Course. It is great doing business with you. I have arranged for 30% of the estimate to be wired before bank closes today."

"Thank You. I will .. settle with the precinct."

Patron cut the call and smiled, thinking how 20 year old obsolete machinery could be sold for anything but scrap.

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