Caturday SBI Giveaway #27 / キャタデー SBI ギブアウェイ #27

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This giveaway is closed.
Please come back on next Friday.


Caturday SBI Giveaway #27

Join me every Friday for a cat theme Caturday quiz and complete an easy task to win @steembasicincome share!

キャタデー SBI ギブアウェイ#27

毎週金曜日(日本は土曜日)@steembasicincome のギブアウェイを開催しています。
猫をテーマの簡単なクイズ & タスクに答えて @steembasicincome シェアを当てよう!


⭐️ The quiz for this week : How many whiskers do cats have on their muzzle in average?

⭐️ The task for this week : Please help me count the silhouettes of the cat. I drew too many of them 🤣


● Please leave your answers in the comments section.

● You must follow the rules, ⭐️ complete the task and ⭐️ answer the quiz correctly to be qualified.

● 3 giveaways go out this week

● Giveaway starts on Friday and will be closed sometime on Sunday. I will edit the post with “This giveaway is closed” when ended.

● Upvote and resteem is not necessary but would be appreciated.

● The winners will be drawn and the announcement will take place the following week.

● When you are asked to share photos, it must be your own.

That’s all!
Hope to see your entry!

⭐️ 今週のクイズ : 猫の鼻の周りには平均何本のヒゲがあるでしょう?

⭐️ 今週のタスク :猫のシルエットのイラストを描いたのですが、描き過ぎてしまいました。私は猫のシルエットをいくつ描いたでしょう?


● エントリーの条件はルールを守ること、⭐️ タスクをこなし、そして⭐️ クイズに正解していることとします。

● 今週のギブアウェイは3つ

● 期限は金曜日から日曜日(日本では土曜日から月曜日かな)終了した投稿には編集で “このギブアウェイは終了しました” と追記します。

● Upvote、Resteemは出来たらお願いします。しなくてもOKです。

● 当選者は抽選です。発表は後日行います。

● 写真をシェアするお題の時は、自分の写真でお願いします。


How many cat silhouettes? / 猫のシルエットはいくつ?


Thanks for visiting!



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Hi @djynn! This one made my eyes wonky and I couldn't focus so that is why I am not entering. How on earth did you draw all of those black cats without getting dizzy? LOL!

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

It did made me dizzy at the end! no one in my family counted correctly.
My husband and my youngest daughter just guessed it and my oldest daughter counted ok till she hit the mouse. She gave me a look and said that the mouse made her lose the count so it is about 33 xD

HaHa! I can just picture your daughter's look she gave you because of the mouse. I saw that mouse right before I got dizzy and had to leave your blog.

26 CATS and 1 MOUSE
Cats have about 24 muzzle whiskers... :-)

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

You found the mouse!!! Yay! But sorry I drew more cats.
Thanks for the entry!

Cool, was getting dizzy counting :-)



There are 36 cat silhouettes🐈🐾

Cats typically have about 24 whiskers on their muzzle. Additionally, there are shorter whiskers above the eyes, on the chin, and on the back of the cat’s front legs just above the paws (these are called carpal whiskers).
Source missed the mouse...
Thanks for the entry!

Thank you! I knew I should've rechecked my math!





35 cats and one mouse -- I checked myself 3 times!
all sources I checked, say that 24 is the norma..
I didnt tried to count and check this myself - shame on me!

You are very good!
I wish my family would try a little harder...they just guessed it xD
I tried to count my cat whiskers before. It wasn’t easy. She won’t sit still...
Thanks for the entry!

I tried to count my cat whiskers before. It wasn’t easy.

my pleasure to join the job... I really would want to do that! my cat probably WOULD let this job done, and be sitting laying still... but I had no excessive time for doing so.... :/

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Thank you!