Made a Green Cannabis smoothie!

in cannabis •  4 years ago 


This was strong as fuck lol! I put 3 scoops of cannabis infused coconut oil in the smoothie and it had me ripped before I even vaped after getting home. It did kinda ruin the flavor of the smoothie though. I think I over dosed it a bit.


Flax seed
Chia Seed
Coconut Oil (Infused)



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Tea is alright as well.

In a few cups of water,soimmer a spoonful of ground up weed covered in coconut oil for 30min. I put mine in a tea ball thing and it worked great.

Probably better to mix with honey or something as when I made it, it was bitter as fuck.

Had a decent sized cup and ended up way too high though. May consider making ice cubes or something with it the next time.