white rhino?

in cannabis •  3 years ago 

The strain is White Rhino. The high is strong and heady. 3EC0EE99-44A6-4555-8954-32B759A34F10.jpeg
The round soft nuggets are big and fluffy- covered with a fine layer of crystalline thc as morning dew first appears frozen in the morning. Below is orange hair and cannabis flowers so sticky ad beautiful you won’t want to grind them up, and you will have to fulfill the urge to get photo documentation of this shit..very RVRE!5ED01D15-E4CC-44CD-AECF-C45BBF5F9829.jpeg

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Sounds Dope- no pun intended. So What’s the catch?

No catch bro. Any more questions come on over to the canna-curate server.


nice! thanks bud