My Cousin's Grow Part 5 | Finale

in cannabis •  4 years ago 

I have been documenting my cousin's Rugburn OG grow for the past couple of months,  and I am excited to say that the 2 plants are finally finished! I was also lucky enough to get to visit him out in Colorado, and I got to help during the trimming process! 

He grew Rugburn OG from the Rare Dankess breeding company.  The soil is Fox Farm Ocean Forest,  and 5 gallon smart pots were used.  The grow light is a Kind XL1000 LED and the grow box is a 5x5 Gorilla Grow tent.  Fox Farm nutrients were used such as Big Bud,  Kelp me Kelp you,  Bat Guano,  Happy Frog,  and Tiger Bloom.  Supplemental C02 was also used via a mycelium bag. 

This grow went a lot longer than it was supposed to.  I am not sure if this was because of heat stress in the beginning or what,  but it took an extra 5-6 weeks from what the seeds were projected.  Flowering time was supposed to be between 60-75 days,  but took over an extra month.  He is growing the same exact strain one more time and we will see if the stress on the plants in the beginning was the culprit or not. 

I was lucky enough to fly out to Colorado while my cousin was trimming the plants,  and I helped him out.  

For some reason,  it was very difficult for me to get clear shots of the garden/buds because my camera phone did not want to focus correctly.  I did the best that I could,  but I really need to splurge for a nice camera. 

Here are some shots of the garden before we chopped it down,  some closeup nug shots,  and a few nice nug shots after trimming:

Thanks for checking out my cousin's grow, and I appreciate all of the support and feedback. To the moon, @bwells
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Yum! I hope you brought some party gifts home :)

marijuana. whether plants are forbidden in your country?

It is legal in some states in the USA. Some states allow it for medicinal uses, and a few even allow it for recreation.

great looking plants

This post would be great on
It's similar to steemit, but focused on cannabis.

Wonderful work!!

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Hi @ bwells, this is a very fertile cannabis plant, surely you are very well cared for so that cannabis plants thrive,
In my place of marijuana plant is very banned, so planting it alone should not, if caught cultivating marijuana plants will be in prison,
Is your country a marijuana plant not banned?

Its come along way!! Always nice to help out in the process.

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maybe, canabis good for medicine

Looks amazing!!! Good job 🔥

Very nice! Your cousin has the green thumb for sure, I imagine it's been a lot of work to do the trim, I harvested mines this week and last week too but without help hehe
Good to see nice grows with LED light

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