Santa's Kandy Update, Day 70

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Hello Steem! What a crazy week in the world. I have to admit, I am really confused on what the hell is going on, and I hate to see so much division in America. This is why I love cannabis so much. All my life, I never have experienced any indifference when it came to me and all the people I have met because of the herb. In fact I have only experienced love and unity. The only indifference when it came to cannabis, was the laws. It is true that there are many unjust laws on the book, and some destructive policy's. But at the end of the day, we are all one. The only color I see, is green!!


Santa's Kandy, Day 70 of flower

Time for another update on my indoor cannabis plant, Santa's Kandy. She is a F1 hybrid cross of Steem Og x Kandy Kush. I am using Living Soil, and have only added a top dressing of compost, and a tea, consisting of banana peels, and rabbit poop. Plus lots of love!

Since I now have adequate climate control, I have been able to keep the humidity under 50%, I have had zero issue with mold, and have not sprayed once. I have had an issue with gnats, but I have not worried about them, since I really is just more of an annoyance then anything this late in the game. I am going to look at beneficial insects for the next round. I have been using sticky traps, and they have kept the population in check.

The buds are really starting to swell, and fill in. There are even hues of purple coming in! I suspect if I was able to drop temps down below 70 they would really be more purple then green! I have been keeping the temp around 72-80 degrees the whole grow, and the terps on this baby are amazing! As of now the only issue I need to address are propping the buds up, since they are starting to get a little to heavy for the branches to support.


As you can see these trichomes still have a ways to go before they are ripe. All though I have been reading up, that some strains trichomes never do turn amber. I have took a few sample buds off, and soon they will be ready to try. I will smoke and access if I want to harvest, or just let it go for a good while. I do have some clones that will have to be moved soon. But TBH, I am not going to sacrifice this Santa's Kandy, due to not having room. If I have to just buy new clones, and say fuck the current ones I have now, so be it.

A sneak peak......


I picked these up from the local nursery. Vannila Frosting, Venom Og, and GMO Cookies. No not that kind of GMO, GMO stands for garlic, mushrooms, and onion for this strains terp profile smells just like that! Crazy huh!



Garlic cowboy!



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i wish i could just pop into a shop and but whatever strain i feel like :)

Plants look great!

The Vanilla Frosting is a strain I have had my eyes on for some time! I cant wait. Also it flowers in 60 days, not 100 lol

60 days sweet!

mmm vanilla frosting

Yeah dude, the vanilla frosting was a pheno they selected as the best out of 10 thousand!!! Not only is it fire, but it’s supposed to be very easy to grow. We shall see!

Nothing wrong with sticky traps but they aren't as good as diatomaceous earth. It's a dust, just sprinkle it on like a top dressing and the gnats are gone. I include some in my soil mix now, and have never had an issue since I started doing so. It's perfect in 200% organic living soil etc. It's just basically crushed coral particles that eviscerate any insect, but don't harm plants. A few bucks for a bottle of it.
She's a beaut, bro! Great job, she's very big and healthy. If you could have a small bedroom going, with say... 4 ladies like that... you wouldn't need to buy from the govt shops again!! :D
As for purple, is it due to a large difference between the day temp and the night temp? I heard it wasn't just overall low temps that do it, but the big swing from warm days to cool nights. Just curious.
Grow in peace!

I am not well versed on the subject, but my understanding is cold nights do it. It all depend if your strain of cannabis has anthocyanins. Some strains, or better to say phenols, have more present, and don’t need the cold.

One cool example I saw, was some wedding cake I was getting from a buddy who works at a greenhouse. Some wonderful bud! But it was light green all summer. But the batch grown in the winter(light dep), was the darkest purple!! I will have to say I liked the buzz the purple cake gave me.

I'm absolutely blown away by the level of meticulous care you put into your cultivation, and the results are breathtaking, so much so that I voted this post last night and had to come back for a second look this morning!

You're an inspiration my friend, very nice job.

Hey bro! I would never ignore you intentionally. Straight up. Sorry for not replying back to you. For one I got caught up during our messaging, then took a break from discord, which I usually do Sunday’s, except for chilling in voice.

But the whole discord thing has got me down, which is why I haven’t been to excited about checking my inbox and what not. But hell nah, your one of the few here who has actually been real to me. Sorry for being rude, which was never my intention.

I understand totally bro,
Thank you for being understanding during my moment of insecurity. Sorry for jumping to conclusions so quickly.

Times are tough and stressful, but the world is a brighter place with friends like you! <3

Thank you man! One of the biggest part of being a good grower, is hard work! Just like any thing in life I suppose. Thanks for your kind words, and if I can inspire others, then mission accomplished! Anybody can do this. Ofcourse you do need the space, and time. Because it really is an every day job, :)

Dont use aticky traps. I was reading in true living organics book you do not want them in your grow area.

Interesting. Thanks for the info!

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Some great shots man!

I think the country needs some serious canna medications 🎃

Thanks bro!! Heck yeah I really do think people should look towards a community like the cannabis culture, and take some notes. And I mean the people who live the herb, not necessarily the people who sell it.

Hello my good man. I'm still rockin the Canna-Curate t-shirt and letting everyone know how awesome you are every chance I get. I miss hanging out and I'd love to reconnect

Whoa dude!!! Hello! My heart just sank when I saw this comment. So sorry I only saw it just now. Man we miss you! You know your always welcome I’m Canna Curate man. I’m still there, GHRO is still there. Stop by any time!