Jack Herer & SPUD

in canna-curate •  2 years ago 

Here is my Jack Herer i am growing just to clone from as a result of not being able to obtain more Autoflower seeds,

Here he is on the 15th April roughly 6 weeks ago as a baby :)


Now 6 weeks later i have a nice shrub with some nice growth on it :)



Also going to join #spud4steem on June 1 and power up some SP,
this is timely as i have had some delegations removed by Blocktrades early as i support Steem and not bee keeping :)



So yeah lets power up some SP

Anyway its Saturday morning here i and i suppose i better go mow the lawns

Steem on

I am @dr-autoflower


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I got a nice update coming for Steem. Also I get to sit back and focus on content making this month!!

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