Got them and ordered more

in canna-curate •  2 years ago 

On Friday the seeds that i ordered two weeks ago arrived, that was ten Jack Herer Autos and one Thunder Haze Auto seed, my freebies were four Nothern Lights Feminised seeds which will come in very handy!
JACK Herer on the left & Thunder on right

New Order

So i thought feck it lets buy some more, so i did and finally brought some Fast Buds Purple Lemonade Auto seeds which i have been wanting for a while.
Another Fast Buds Autoflower i got was a pack of Orange Sherbert...mmmmmmm
And finally, some Fast buds Wedding Cheesecake auto to round out my purchase, i get 6 free seeds as well with this order

Can't wait for them arrive which will give me a great selection to grow from

All pictures are from Seedsmans & Seedsupreme sites

BLAZE ON @dr-autoflower


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Wish I could see more of this.

Will see what i can do....:)

I hope you do something cause it's been almost a year now!😄