Friday Haze

in canna-curate •  2 years ago 

Here are some bud shots of my Amnesia Haze Auto i took this morning after having a couple of wake n bake dabs

This is all but ready but i am leaving a few more days hoping to add some more mass to the buds

Seems to have grown alright in a square pot instead of the round ones i had used in the past, this strain seemed to enjoy the restraining i gave it the whole way through as well :)


Must be time for another dab, since i have a 4 day weekend starting today!

Have a good day

all pics were taken with my iphone7

i am @dr-autoflower


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excellent work this month you have done in the cannabis scene :)

Green House Radio is up for the month of June! Speaking of that would you be my guest for next week and you can tell us about Autos, and how life is down under.

What day and time would that be? me keen