Amnesia Haze Auto done

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This is my review of the Expert seeds Amnesia Haze Auto Feminised Seeds from start to finish.

Screenshot (378).png

I never even realised when i germinated the Amnesia haze auto that it said 80 -90 days, this one is the longest auto i have run and would make my top 3 i have grown.

The seed germinated like wild fire and was soon in its 18L pot in the tent under my LED.

I ended up getting 62 grams off this plant which i used LST to control it, here are some pics of the end nugz

This plant was easy as to look after in both vege and flowering, i run 24 hour lighting for Auto's for this Haze and am starting to wonder if i should go to 20-4?.
it really did enjoy being tied down and required minimal maintenance to ensure a flatish canopy.

Whats is like to smoke?

i have been smoking it for the past week and have really enjoyed the hit i get off it, some of it has been turned into extract and that has been smooth and tasty :)

Overall when i compare to the other 20 odd auto strains i have grown this would be top 3!

  • Gorilla Glue would be #1
  • Amnesia Haze #2
  • Pineapple Express #3

This Amnesia haze i would rate 9/10 and i am glad i still have a couple of seeds left as i WILL be growing this strain again.

My two new Fem seedlings will be going for a ride in the car tomorrow to their new house


I might go and have a blaze of this now

All pictures and seedlings are mine

Blaze on @dr-autoflower


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Nice yield off them

my best ever of one plant was the Gorilla glue late last year - go 90 grams off her :)

90 grams off a auto is a killer grow.

That nug looks fire, hard work yielded well 🎃

i am super impressed bu the hit off these buds!

Yeah hazes require patience. Looks like it was totally worth it!

love it :)