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The Real Reason for Word War III:

America can forget sometimes that other countries want to rule the world while we are comfortable leading the world. Yet at no time in our history have we been closer to all out nuclear war on a global scale. Here’s some food for thought as From A to Z continues to navigate these difficult times with a successful business portfolio.

Space exploration can only be described as the greatest opportunity for economic development any civilization in the galaxy could hope to master. At present the United States has an advantage in the space race. Some say because of alien contact. Only the real reason can be found here on Earth.

America remains the leading Democracy in the world. Living with our constitutional framework means all of NASA’s projects are paid for by tax payer dollars. This means the information must be made available to the public. Foreign countries have also trained spies working in government organizations because that’s what they’re trained to do.

Right now, private corporations have come to light to develop space exploration technology. Private corporations can protect sensitive information in a way that the Federal Government cannot. This situation has moved our technology beyond that of our would be adversaries.

Yes, the crypto world’s favorite entrepreneur Elon Musk creates jealousy in the Kremlin. Russia and China are being left behind as the resources of the universe make themselves readily available to the free world.

In response, the other major superpowers have continued to build their military here on Earth. Ukraine and Taiwan areas of influence in the first move toward a more advantageous strategic position in conversations about world power. Once again, these areas are held by Western Civilization at this time.

Were this about religious rivalries in the Middle East we might already be dead. Only the hate with Russia, China, and America hasn’t crossed the line yet since we were all Allies in previous global conflicts. That’s why this remains a discussion that could fizzle out, or conspiracy theories could be true that the three have already formed a partnership to rule the world and need the threat of conflict to control the general population like in 1984.

What divides us really might be as simple as pre-pandemic travel restrictions. For example, a Westerner cannot fly to Russia or China and move about as they please without government watchdogs. While agents from Russia and China are allowed to fly into any other part of the world to walk about as they please.

Another example might be the control of information. Russia and China keep information secure for a powerful elite to dictate to its population in ways to empower the ruler. America’s answer as we’ve already discussed in this post, the Corporation. Corporations act as miniature autocratic entities to empower the leadership on the executive board.

While Democracy might seem weak and indebted, it’s purpose has been fulfilled as the founding fathers might have wished, as it built a diverse educated well meaning republic of citizens who fund a non-profit that takes care of social services and defense.

What is warfare? An explosion followed by colonization. A rude introduction. Much like a meteor slamming into a planet's mantle. There’s not much need for war.

If we are going to war in the Ukraine it is going to happen soon. If we get to 2030 then experts say global tensions should cool off as the major world powers refocus to address climate change and build outposts on interstellar objects.

We are all amateur planet hoppers.

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