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Satellite Space Flight:

Satellite space flight success with the James Webb Telescope now on a journey to its orbit around the sun. It’s going to take six months or so before it begins to send back pictures. That’s going to be an exciting time for scientists looking back across time.

It's the infrared light that this new telescope shall be the master of due to a decade of engineering it for that purpose. Because of this it can see things that the Hubble telescope couldn’t. In this way it furthers our understanding of current observations by revealing new data previously unknown.

The Hemp Satellite continues to spin around the planet relaying its position. That’s all it really can do. Its purpose mainly to test the internal electrical capabilities of a machine encased in a Hemp shell while orbiting in space. Solar flares along with other sources of cosmic radiation could prove fatal to a plant-based satellite structure. So far so good.

Yet both of these satellites could be blown out of the sky by the Russians. Putin seems that upset with European security on his doorstep. He’s making issue of a verbal agreement NATO made after World War 2, that the organization wouldn’t expand into eastern Europe. Yet it’s happened five times already with Ukraine being a sixth potential country to now cross this line.

Even with the Pandemic this hot button issue gains the threat of all out nuclear war. The Chinese raising the stakes with a push on Taiwan. One must remember that this isn’t the U.S. against Russia and China though. There are many other countries that are not making the headlines here that are actually making the stand against Russia and China with the U.S. as a supporter. This could be seen as an advantage to Democracy against two autocracy states. It’s the free will and future of these Nations that are the main concern. The West becomes more of a coalition allowing its members to exercise self-determination. While Russia and China want to impose their influence while maintaining control over security and high-tech innovations.

So far, the cost of invasion remains more of a risk than an easy payday. This seems to be keeping everyone in a posture position as the ideas of what action could mean continue to be discussed out in the open with the media.

We continue to wait and see. Another week going into the history books. Only this week America celebrated Christmas along with its European partners and other Christian states. While Russia celebrated Christmas, they did so in a way unlike what one might find in the West. Completely backwards.

Next week we’ll be celebrating the start of the New Year of 2022. A good luck year where positive things could abound. Money, wealth, and prosperity for those who want it to be there’s as a reward for hard work.

Then again in China they neither celebrated Christmas nor New Years. They’re waiting for the Winter Olympics to put on a dazzling show of power and strength. It could be one for the ages. Unless they nuke us first.

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