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Baby Great Grey Owl

The Jedi Master navigated through the darkness of space with the star map secure. Earth and the Russian named Hennadyi left behind. Whatever drama his life possessed would now have to play out free of intervention. The Jedi’s debt paid to the family that had watched over the case for more than a thousand-years with gold Roman coins.

The Jedi Master began typing in coordinates from the star map into his navigation system. This new star map that had been harvested from Earth filled in a critical piece of the Unknown Region connecting two visible natural phenomena in the interstellar medium that could be used for hyperdrive space travel.

The Jedi Master could now travel to the mythic place of legend he’d spent his entire life seeking. The planet of Hoot.

Hoot could not be found because of the missing star map he’d just recovered. He would be the first being to venture there since the only known representatives of the planet had left to cross the Milky Way Galaxy to find the Republic because the planet had been taken over by a sinister Owl Emperor.

Perched next to the Jedi Master, a Baby Great Grey Owl of the royal line that had been forced to relocated to the Republic all those years ago. As the youngest member of the siblings, there were still white fluffs in his feathers announcing his place as a juvenile, he had been picked for the journey because of how dangerous it promised to be for anyone brave enough to make the trip.

Yet this young owl still held a place in the royal court, so if the mission proved to be successful, then he would be allowed to stay and rule the planet Hoot for the time being until other arrangements were made to reincorporate the celestial object. A great personal honor for the Baby Great Grey Owl who might never be given a chance to rule otherwise.

While the Owl’s of Hoot were limited in their physical capabilities, they had acquired powerful mind control techniques that allowed them to use lower-level humanoids on their home planet to build machines for them that they could then use telepathically.

In fact, Baby Great Grey Owl sat perched on top of robotic legs that carried him around the spacecraft in order to not spread his wings in flight around the artificial gravity cabins.

The Jedi Master had been chosen to work with the Owl representatives on Coruscant due to natural characteristics he possessed; the most obvious being his use of telepathy for speech with other sentient beings.

“The coordinates have been entered Baby Great Grey Owl,” the Jedi Master sent the message with his mind.

“Thank you, we can now move on to our main objective as you plot a course through the Unknown Regions.” Responded Baby Great Grey Owl with the dignity of a future King.

“Entering flight password. Now engaging into hyperdrive.” Suddenly the stars in front of them streaked passed. Leaving all signs of the future weigh station called Earth behind as they charted the galactic superhighway toward their next destination, the planet of Hoot.

“You know we are the first to try this path. Most likely we are going to be the first species to visit Hoot since my great-grandfathers left. With no communication there’s no way to know if our underground military still exists. And while we’ve been told where to go and whom to seek we’ve never actually done so. There are many things that could go wrong on this trip. Yet I am the Baby Great Grey Owl of the royal line and you are a Jedi Master.” The Owl relayed the thoughts.

“For my part, the Force calls to me with strength.” Said the Jedi Master.

Suddenly the streaking stars stopped. The ship sat in open space looking towards a star closer than any other visible object. Somewhere in the dark void the planet Hoot orbited around this sun. Now they must take the time to study the solar system here, before moving on to Hoot.

To be continued...

Thanks, Cyrus
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The Applegate Trail of 1846

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