How to Draw a Chessboard in LOGO?

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@turtlegraphics aims to provide a set of simple-to-follow-and-fun-to-learn examples for Logo Programming, which is known as Turtle Graphics for both parents and kids!.

Logo Programming Source

  HT # hide the turtle
  IF :B>15 [STOP]
  REPEAT 4 [FD :B RT 90]
  FK :B+1 # draw a bigger square to fill

  IF :Y>4 [STOP]
  REPEAT 4 [FK 15 FD 15 FK 1 FD 15]
  RT 90 FD 30 RT 90
  REPEAT 4 [FK 15 FD 15 FK 1 FD 15]
  RT 180
  QP :Y+1

QP 1

Procedure FK draws a solid square by recursively drawing a smaller square in it. The Chessboard is then drawn by recursively drawing interleaving squares.



Logo Software

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Me gusta mucho el ajedrez y un entusiasta de la programación. Se conjugan muy bien. Ahora estoy aprendiendo Pyton en un futuro haré proyectos de ajedrez. Saludos @turtlegraphics