Trains from Dhaka-Panchagarh will run from Saturday

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Friday, 09 November 018 English

Trains from Dhaka-Panchagarh will run from Saturday

Published: 3 hours ago | Update: 3 hours ago

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Finally long demand is being met. Direct trains from Dhaka to Panchagarh in the northern district of Panchagarh. This district is 605 kilometers away from Dhaka by rail. Train will run on Saturday from the longest railway in the country. Trains from Dinajpur, Thakurgaon to Panchagarh via Dhaka

Fast and speedy Ekota Express from Dhaka to Dinajpur. These two trains are now going to Panchagarh via Dinajpur. Weekly break will not be there. So long as passengers of Panchagarh went from Dinajpur to Dhaka, the rest of the way went to the train. Shuttle train will be stopped after the train starts.

The information was released on Thursday in the railway's press release.

Quick Train Express will leave for Panchkarna station every day at 7:20 am. In 10 hours 50 minutes it will reach 605 kilometers and reach Dhaka at 6:10 pm.

The train will leave for Panchagarh for two hours. Fast Express Express

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