A whole village is sold!

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Many people buy flat, someone or a whole house But is it possible to buy a whole village? New Zealand is a whole village in the mountains.

The village of Lake Wataki is about 180 kilometers north of Dunedin. The price of the village is 28 million New Zealand dollars (14 million pounds or $ 18 million US dollars).

The village was built for the construction of a dam in 1930 so that the workers could stay with their families. By the end of the eighties the village became empty. Because the dam is then self-governed.

The number of houses in this village is eight. Each house has three houses. The part of the water body for each house is divided.

There is a restaurant in the village. There is also a house in the billiard room, which has an 'industrial kitchen' beside it.

New Zealand businessman Kellie Milmain said the tourists are starting to come here. But the foreigners can not buy land here. The New Zealand rules are similar. This rule has been introduced in the current year. But locals do not want to stay here.

The industrialists are already interested in this village ...

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