Tadarus in ramadhan

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh......!

Hi all steemians ......!!!

This month is spesial......!!!

Then many many good works in order to reward in the day of vengeance.

The term tadarus has become increasingly popular in the month of Ramadan. This activity not only performed at the mosque or prayer hall, but also at home.

Many Muslims read the Quran from beginning to khatam, but there also are continuing the habit of tadarus after the obligatory prayers. For example, after the Fajr reading Surat Al-Waqiah, Zuhr (Arrahman), ASR (Assajadah), Maghrib (Cave Al Yaasiin), and Isha (Almulk).

The term tadarus is actually a bit different between the form and meaning of language activities. Tadarus which is prevalent today is the shape of an Assembly where participants read Al-Quran turns. One person reads and the others listening.

While the meaning of the language, the origin of the word comes from tadarus darosa-yadrusu, which means studying, researching, studying, reviewing, and take a lesson.

Then ketambahan the letters ta ' in front of it so it becomes tadaarosa-yatadaarosu, then its meaning increased to mutual study or studied in greater depth.

Regards @aceh-malaka

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