Wedding Glue Autoflowers - Germination part 1

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Today i will show you how i start the germination process for Autoflower seeds, which is a pretty straight forward process and hopefully these 6 seeds do what i want.

The seeds i am trying to germinate are a Fastbuds Autoflower variety called Wedding Glue

Here is where you can purchase them

20220824_072121 (1).jpg

20220824_072205 (1).jpg

Firstly they get dropped into a glass of water that has a PH level of 6.3 for 24 hours, they should sink by themselves but one of them just needed a push and it sunk.

Once i can see them starting to crack the seed cap i get a paper towel ready.



Now i tip the glass of water over the paper towel making sure each seed has some room so that its tap root can come out. I fold the paper towel over itself as its going into a zip lock bag.



Here is what i end up with which is just really a mini glass house with humidity dropping everywhere, this gets placed on the hot water cylinder which will be dark and warm.



If everything goes right the tap root will come out further and then i will drop that into a juffy pot, they then go under lights and hopefully a little seedling comes up.

Well that's the plan anyway

I will be back to show you part 2 of this germination process in a day or so.

Happy Fryday

Blaze on @dr-autoflower

20220924_112604 (1).jpg

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Good Luck! I hope they grow and bloom nicely under your tender loving care.

Haven't grown this particular strain but after reading some reviews i cant wait!

🤞 👍