BuildTeam realises cost savings with MIRA infrastructure

in buildteam •  2 years ago  (edited)

BuildTeam has undergone some systems and infrastructure enhancements to save cost for its stakeholders, we are proud to announce that we have saved significant cost which will reflect in the months to come.

The biggest savings came from implementing MIRA, which is technology utilised by Steemit Inc in reducing their own node costs. MIRA enables a majority of blockchain data to be stored on disk rather than in RAM.

The post detailing the savings can be found below:

Thanks to the team behind BuildTeam for making this happen, BuildTeam still runs one of the most powerful and versatile microservices infrastructure on the platform, any developer that has worked with our systems can confirm that, we are very proud of our infrastructure, which gives us a great base to work from for future development scale.

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Hey @thecryptodrive. Should Dlease display the progress time over 100%? :D I have renewed a few of those, so I guess thats what it sees, but doesn't recalculate the new days :D


Hi, we had some maintenance today, we saw that and thought we fixed it. Will bring it up to our devs, well spotted thank you so much!

Our team asked if you can refresh your browser and let us know if fixed.

I also tried to login on my phone to see if its different.

But when I click the little arrow to thr right in order to see my delegation(in) it just skips it. It goes from Delegstion(out) to history xD

Btw. I am on buildteams discord if you have questions. I will be leaving my computer now and is only on the phone for a few hours tho.


Thanks for the updates, we are working on them and will get back to you.

Thanks for the updates,
We are working on them and
Will get back to you.

                 - thecryptodrive

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I know I know. I talked to one of your devs on discord because of another problem. So I told him :D

Is it fixed now?

The dev is aware of those things

I believe so yes.

No its not x)
When I click leased in, but screen turns complete white x)

But eairler I could make a lease, but that seems to be fixed now.

Also, it skips delegated in on the through xD

Ok cool will followup.

I refreshed. Logout and Login and refreshed. It still says 211% on the one from myfreebtc and 115% from you x)

That is great to hear about

@thecryptodrive, Great to know that and Reduction Of Costs is a boost for the Ecosystem. Keep up the awesome work team.

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