@buildawhale blacklist update

in buildawhale •  2 years ago 

If you are mentioned below, you have a free all-access pass to our blacklist. This is a pretty exclusive club, with many benefits, none of which are an upvote from us.

Fear not, you will not be alone.

  • vadim123

  • magway-minbu

  • condratowa1s

  • cococnut

  • korina1

  • permalicious

  • inventively

  • tey536

  • xioni

  • ugyu

  • eduard1n

  • sanco

  • adhere3

  • lupocar

  • yardena

  • czyganov

  • malozanlandanis

  • quarzos

  • seraya

  • mopak

If you want to nominate someone to this exclusive club, contact us in #abuse on our Discord

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Good, thank you for the information on the black names.