XIAZ on 0 BNB Ended!

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We are thankful for all who support XIAZfinance

XIAZ is a Private Crypto Group. We offer everyone a chance to HOLD Xiaz while we just started!
In last event, We encourage you to send 0 BNB to our Address and get a chance of Holding XIAZ at ramdom.
NOTED: It is not instant but be assured you will get yours!

Since sending 0 BNB is Ended,
The NEXT Stage is 0.02 BNB

Send 0.02 BNB to 0x06c14b118d8ad0792064bfff4035309777654426 Get plus 2 $XIAZ with current Value!

  • Means: If the current 0.02 BNB is worth $5, then you will received 7$XIAZ

1 $XIAZ is 1 usd
Please Refrain from TRADING
Not yet Reccommended
This is Limited OFFER only!!!


Our Presale is still on going
With limited Slot open.
Send 50 BUSD to 0x06c14b118d8ad0792064bfff4035309777654426
Get 100 $XIAZ

Stay tuned for more info

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