Suddenly Winter returned at night / Неожиданно ночью вернулась Зима

in bru •  6 months ago 

Let's go for a walk, and there it is!
Пошли на прогулку, а там такое!


My dog was also surprised....

Моя собака тоже удивилась.... ...


And with pleasure I ran on the last snowball

И с удовольствием побегала по последнему снежку


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Wow! Snowing in the night!

In the afternoon, everything has already melted...

Oh! It was just for one day!

Do try to post more often!

not necessary. Yesterday it was +5 and the Sun. and today there is a lot of snow again and -1 !

Oh! The doggie likes snow!

B.R.U приказало долго жить, есличё. но есть брю 2.0, хыхы

понятно, давно сюда не заглядывал