-murphyslaw- on word for ethereum

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Lance Riedl owns this one.
https://ethwords.co/#rec155004505 https://opensea.io/assets/0xac1aee5027fcc98d40a26588ac0841a44f53a8fe/18817

Each mint costs 0.002 ETH from which 0.001 ETH goes to each owner of the tokens that were added together (if you own the tokens, then fee comes back to you)
You decide which token owners will receive the fee or you can concatenate your own tokens

Please remember that you can use only existing tokens and a new token shouldn't exist yet
The alphabet includes a-z letters and "-"
Use search on opensea.co to check that two parent tokens exist and new token doesn't exist yet

To create a CAT word you can either use C + AT ("at" should exist) or CA + T ("ca" should exist) token

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