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Comparing websites on google trends show us that if anyone were to reach as many people as you find on STEEM, you would have to pay about $50,000 per day in ad cost.

Hopefully enough people will buy your product to go break even with the marketing costs and a profit for all products sold above that threshold. On STEEM, most people have yet to discover the value of the vote, the value of trending. But that is OK!


The Blue is and the Red is another website which we know the ad-prices with.

Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 15.49.46.png

And with even more users/readers/viewers - the value of trending is even higher per day. In order to get to top trending, you will have to use the 7-10 biggest bots with the highest bid and it would cost you about 800 STEEM which today is worth about $340 all in all.

Now that is a lot less than $50,000, do you agree?

On this website you can see how profitable it is to use @Booster, an example from last round shows:

Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 15.34.19.png

Maybe we should add a column extra to show theoretical value based on comparing with other similar trafficable websites, but until then - here is something for you to monitor:


PS: To make Me part of helping you trend your post - send 1-100 STEEM to my wallet with a link to your post in the MEMO and we are on! A full upvote value today is about 68 STEEM or so. Give it a try!

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Hello there,
today I made the wrong offer under 1 sbd. Can you return it @booster

You got a 43.32% upvote from @upyourpost courtesy of @kabasakal!

You got a 98.17% upvote from @luckyvotes courtesy of @kabasakal!

I have sent you 0.321 SBD in the previous round but you haven't voted me please check!

Hello @booster i have sent you 1 sbd in the previous round for this link

But you haven’t voted me please check and refund thanks!

You are way better than other bid bots such as @superpromoter or @raise-me-up.

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@booster Team, Great to read this Analytical post and in my opinion you are reflecting the effective service and numbers speaks louder. Keep up team.

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  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Catapult needs Power :-). I love YOU!

Hello there,
I made an incorrect bid under 1 sbd today and didn't get a vote. Please can you return it @booster

Hello there,
I made an invilid bid. One post two time bid, didn't get a vote. Please can you return it @booster


Dear Sir,

I sent 3 steem to booster and receive $0.14 worth upvote. I just lost my 3 steem.

Please return my 3 steem, this is a big loss for me


I sent you 4.00 steem @booster and my post did not get upvoted nor is it on your next voting round. please return my money or upvote my post thanks! IF THERE WAS NOT ENOUGH TO COVER THE BIDS YOU SHOULD BE PUTTING. THEM THROUGH TO THE NEXT ROUND INSTEAD OF RIPPING PEOPLE OFF!*
Edit: It says that I recieved the upvote but no money shows! Did I just donate 4.00 steem to you, and the upvote was very little!? please explain!!
I just checked on Partiko and see you only sent me 0.56 cents for a 4.00 steem upvote!!?? RIP OFF!!

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

It did get upvoted but only by a small percentage because @fyrstikken decided to gift himself a 54% upvote which killed our part in the vote. I would also like a refund for that.

EDIT: he actually paid 100 STEEM for that vote but it wasn't registered on steembottracker for some reason.

That's TOTAL BULLSHIT!! The other posts should then be put through to the next voting round when that happens!

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