The Original Booster Team is Back! - Taking Action!

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Keys have been changed and handed over to @inertia & @fyrstikken - Time to Clean up this mess!

The Bidbot Industry was created by us, and for us it is a trademark that booster not only is the oldest, but also the most accurate, fair, honest bot on the market. We are humble servants of this blockchain, and proud of what we have created - so when we saw that @Booster was in so much... shit... We came together again and agreed to get back into the business and run it like it is supposed to work.


This is our prioritised todo list:

  • Refund Users who did not receive upvotes or refunds under the last "regime" so we are clear with our customers before we start fresh.
  • Accept Delegation - Paying out 97.5% of Daily Liquid earnings after refunds.
  • Operation cost 2.5% deducted from remaining Daily Liquid earnings after refunds.
  • Make sure our users trend and our delegators and operators are making money every day!
  • Be up to date with current and correct data to among others including our own domain.

Yes We Have Support - On Discord - And Yes we are active there!

The largest STEEM community is @SteemSpeak Discord - you will find us there 24/7 year around (almost) can text us, talk to us - we are to be found. Just go to and let us get in touch!

Here is when we noticed something was really wrong with @Booster. @inertia is currently doing a deeper audit while @fyrstikken is waiting for a ballpark number to invest back into booster to be refunded to customers.

We expect to reopen shortly after refunds have been completed.

It feels good to be coming back!

@fyrstikken & @inertia
The Original Team @Booster!
the #npc meme is free to use!

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Good News of course! But after many days waiting I decided yesterday to withdraw my entire delegation from Booster and redirected it to annother bid bot. I didn't want to lose further earnings without knowing when the service is up again. Coming back to booster would take annother waiting period of five days.
I will consider to come back with a litte amount to booster.

Good luck!

Totally understandable - even @fyrstikken undelegated from @Booster and is using @SmartSteem for the time being. I only have about 10K delegated to me now, but @fyrstikken wil delegate 1 million steempower when I am healed and my customers have been made whole.

I hope you will gain back the confidence of your users and delegators. I for myself don't use boosters, so I am not involved in the trouble, but it was interesting to see what was going on here.

I wish you all the best.

We will do right by our customers, they are our most valuable asset.

Wow! I am glad @booster is back 💃💃💃. Much thanks to @frystikken for this great initiative.

just watch my wallet the next few days - I will be back in business after the refunds are done.

Nice that you are back but i lost about 2 steem by sending to u and didn't got refund

It is not lost, just in limbo - Nobody got a refund for a few days - @inertia is currently auditing the blockchain to find out who is eligible for a refund. Once that list is created @fyrstikken will fund @Booster with enough coins to refund everyone automatically, once that is completed @booster will open for business as usual.

Wellcome @fyrstikken & @inertia you both are awesome personalities specially @fyrstikken services are great for us. I am a big fan of @booster and often bought vote from this bot on priority to others, but really fed up when i think 2 times i sent a bid but not receiving vote or refund, even did not reply from it. So that was the time when i decided to left. So now with again your kind ownership and management i change my decision and will buy vote from it.

I thought it was always yours...Who was in control of it?

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I thought it was always yours...Who was in control of it?

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@fyrstikken and @booster, Good wishes from my side and hope that @booster will going to run effectively once again. Stay blessed team.

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Hopefully there will be no more chaos in your service that makes users disappointed ... even though I have been a little disappointed with what I ever got in your service because the sound is not in accordance with my offer, I have forgotten it ...

I understand if the chaos happened because operator error, hopefully in the future your team will be compact...

Success is always to you @booster and I hope you to be able to do the work again and regain trust from users.