My Road To 10,000 Blurt Power!

in blurt •  2 months ago 

It's been quite a while that I've been on Blurt engaging with the community. I've been completing my goals like clockwork, and I've been consistently posting just about every single day. There is some effort into writing; Most of the time I just do it for the fun of it and to share some experiences.

Blurt has been a good community for me as I'm able to grow and help out creators who I enjoy reading from. Every now and again I'll find a small gem of a creator to share a tiny bit of blurt love and with the growth in Blurt Power it's not just cost effective now, but it's also helping to grow smaller creators.

Of course, I am nowhere near the larger whales on the platform, but it is nice to see my upvotes being worth near 1 Blurt. As I grow on the platform, I want to remain committed to supporting gardeners and news providers while also supporting creative works. There will come a time when money and the concerns of bills will be an afterthought and I believe Blurt alongside Hive can help me achieve that.

As I make the climb to 10,000 Blurt Power, I'll remain on the platform for as long as I can be. It's a great time be alive and to share the love with you all.

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