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Lol "Wife was giving me shit about my double chin" oh dam, I didn't realise so much there had added sugar now, but I guess it's not too surprising as they are trying to put it on everything @roundbeargames.

Im feeling the same with you man. From October to January was my say to to Food month. Fu*k im now having hard time to lose weight. I miss going to gym too and eat some dumbells. hahaha Beer is life bro.

lol eat the dumbbells! what a way to put it.
but beer is just too good. i gotta say yes sometimes :)

I like the sound of the Fried Chicken and Beer diet - that sounds like one I could really stick to!

I know what you mean though, all the time the media bombards us with healthy food options and so often - they just all sound a little boring.

I do like a whole roast chicken though, and with a few boiled potatoes and vegetables it should be ok. A large whole chicken in the UK is relatively inexpensive to purchase in the UK raw, cook for a few hours and the left over chicken is good for sandwiches the next day.

Sugar I am a bit of a sucker for, that tends to be drinks like Dr. Pepper and Iron Bro (you might have to google the latter lol) although I have started moving on to sugar free Ginger Beer which is surprisingly satisfying. The dry roasted or honey roasted peanuts I nibble with them though are probably a health disaster waiting to happen...oh well.

#thealliance #witness

yo i just googled iron bro lol i never heard of it before.
but sure would try it if i had one.

anyways one thing about healthy diet is once you get the momentum going it's pretty easy to continue. unless of course one sip of beer and all hell breaks loose. i think i'll have a cheat day every 2 weeks or something. i already had way too much sugar in my life to completely cut it out.. some foods are just too good to resist :)

i should start a healthy diet as well. After Christmas and till now i completely fucked it up :P

yes me too XD
i have fucked it up so bad it's hard to get the momentum going again.
i've successfully said no to sugar for the past 5 days now. let's see how long i can keep it up :)

i think it's time to follow your example too! let's see how we both gonna keep up!

You did it. Not only are you saving money on the delivery fee but you are beginning to treat food as nourishment instead of a fix.

There was a guy who lived passed a hundred and they asked him what he ate. He said he ate two hot dogs a day and a bottle of beer. I never took the time to investigate but I'm not sure if he survived because of the diet or just because his body was special.

Lol hes probably just lucky 😆
Maybe its his dna who knows.

yes you have to diet, eat foods that don't contain cholesterol😄

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yes i think the focus is on how natural it is.
natural meat and veggies with no sugar should be good :)

"sugar " it its the most bad thing for health. you need to avoid sugar and also junk food for good health..

nice to see you. have a nice day. friend

yes it's so evil yet so tasty and addictive. i've managed to cut out sugar for a few days now. gotta continue!
have a great day my friend

thats better

A tea spoon of sugar a day, keep the doctor...closed, I said. LOL

I've been cutting off sugar and salt from my diet since years ago and I don't feel bad at all. In fact, when I stumbled upon some bubble tea which made of 99% sugar it made me wanna vomit so bad. Keep this up and the cleaner diet will become your habit.

lol yea everywhere i go in seoul i see things labeled "healthy food" and when i check the ingredients it's close to 100% sugar.. wtf..

man i feel your pain. think sugar is worse than cocaine (never tried cocaine but 😁 ) trying to cut all sugar to. last year i was off all sugar for 3 months and lost almost 15kg. bread and dough are also evil in our country but we use it a lot. wish you all the luck i sugar withdrawal

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oh yes i never had cocaine but really it's hard for me imagine anything worse than sugar ㅇ_ㅇ
yet we eat it everyday like it's nothing.

me too as soon as i cut out sugar i start losing weight like crazy :)

I lose weight, sleep better, shit better, and feel better

ahahaha glad to hear this! I'm also trying to eat better but I need to gain weight, I got another problem :D

Mens sana in corpore sano

yea man it's instantaneous!
i can see why so many people compare sugar to cocaine!

wow so i was right :D

exactly :)
sugar industry is evil i'd say

I didn't know about that on food at Korea. I thought everything is healthy. But it is true everything with "low fat" is unhealthy. So never buy those with "low fat" as chemical is added to take away the fat.

I am also tyring to cut down carbs and sugar. I gotto do it gradually or else I will feel fatigue.

On the way to health, let's! Or in Malaysia we say, Jom!

well i think it depends. personally i like to focus more on naturalness and how much sugar is included. high or low fat comes in second i think. but i'm no scientist :)

People always say the natural ones are the best. 😊 For some reason, I think you are a fast typer. Can type very fast. Hehe

maybe above average but not too fast :)
yes natural is always best 👍

I'm still on my lunar new year, a roll of crazy eat out until next week. Luckily you still have your double chin, I totally lost my neck 😂

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lol lunar new year always gives me extra kilos! 😆
i'm sure it's the same for you. i'm STILL taking a break from the most tiring week ever.

Beer is life 😍 Fried chicken my weakness 😑😑😑Have a nice day @roundbeargames

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lol it's my weakness too!
it's so hard to resist!

Your wife is right ... you should diet because you are rather overweight. Healthy food can prolong life.

lol you're right but that was pretty blunt 😆

I see you really enjoy the food

well i like beer and fried chicken but gotta eat healthy :)

치느님이 뽀우하스아~♩♬
맥주신님을 주셨나이다~!

행복한 ♥ 화욜 보내셔용~^^

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ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 네 즐화되세요~!

Diet??? Why??? you look fine! But we have to eat healthy... :)))

haha no i don't look fine my friend.
but even if i did i should stick to a healthy diet :)

Eating is the happiness bro..

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lol yes! sometimes i'll have cheat days where i eat absolutely anything i want :)

Hehe.. absolutely need a cheat day

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already should always eat healthy

yes health is important :)

good, healthy food will certainly support our body

yes i've been crashing my body for the past month 😆
will try to eat healthy again!

hopefully the diet program will make the body more healthy and fit

yes hopefully :)
we'll see!

healthy food is certainly very nutritious

yes you're right :)

Some foods like this are particularly beneficial for the body especially vegetables. I love to eat vegetables, but my body is not very fat but I am very healthy. i amTell you eat more than vegetables. :-)

thanks :) veggies are good
i can't survive on them alone tho. i gotta have meat and protein. as long as there's no sugar i think i'll be ok.

Buenas tardes amigo @roundbeargames deseo que se encuentre bien , muy bien que hayas agarrado de nuevo la rutina de comer sano . Deseo que tengas una exelente noche amigo .

thanks friend i wish you're well too :)
i'm hearing some bad news coming from venezuela but i wish you're ok

Si amigo las cosas en Venezuela están difícil por la dictadura que vivimos , muchas personas se mueren en los hospitales por falta de medicamentos y también se mueren personas por desnutrición .

It's time to take care of yourself, although it's hard to resist fried chicken 😆

yes it's about time!
hard to resist but i gotta try :)

as long as there's meat, no problem :D
good luck!

yes! more meat!
just natural meat and veggies should be perfect :)

haha ... sorry I'm late friend. 🙏

Looks like you really enjoy all the food in front of you.

Why say don't understand, even though you really understand about the explanation of all nutritional intake.

It seems that you look fat, huh ... 😆

no need to say sorry friend :)
i have no data to back up my statements. it's just how i feel. but i feel good when i cut out sugar

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Enjoy your diet @roundbeargames...
and start to activities. The Lunar holidays already end

yes i should enjoy the natural meat and less carbs and sugar :)
time to put the holidays behind us and eat healthy again

eat more vegetables and don't forget to exercise!

I love to hear healthy friends always check their health, because your best food is cholesterol and protein. @roudbeargames, 😁

not so sure about cholesterol but as long as there's no sugar :)
i'm trying out a different way of cooking my meat. i'll upload on the next post


yes you're absolutely right primary is our health. i don't know how long i can keep this up but we'll see :)
have a great day brother

@roundbeargames, Most importantly, we should eat what keeps us happy and in good state. Good wishes from my side and hope that soon you will going to rid of double chin..... 😂😂

Stay Blessed.

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yea man. surely sugary foods taste good in the mouth but if i cut out sugar i feel much better for the long term :)
i'm already losing a few kilos so i think i'm on my way!

Good to know that you are coming into shape in which you want to be. Keep enjoying and stay healthy brother. Have a great time ahead.

Congratulations @roundbeargames!
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We must eat healthy food and a must especially to a person above 40s

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yes. and even if you're below 40 eating healthy is always good :)

Well said Sir.

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Yesterday I discovered that there's a Korean take away close to where I live, of course I had to order there 😄
The fried chicken was really tasty, I'm happy to finally discover a Korean restaurant that actually has Korean food. Usually the only Korean thing about a "Korean" restaurants in Austria is the word "Korean" in the name. The food there is more a Western interpretation of different types of Asian cuisine.

About the diet: cutting sugar and sweet stuff is a good start, since they are very caloric. Another thing is to just drink water (or unsweetened tea or coffee), soft drinks are also very caloric, unfortunately beer as well (especially if you have more than one).

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lol yea you just can't have local foods outside the country. in most cases it's a different interpretation of it. but yea man as long as you cut out sugar things are radically better. but that alone is hard cuz almost everything comes with sugar these days :)

저도 다이어트를 해야 하는데 밤에 배고픔을 잘 넘길지가 변수네요. 힘내세요!!

ㅎㅎㅎㅎ 네 밤에 저도 항상 배고파요;;;
가끔 밤에 먹기도 하는데 일단은 설탕을 싹다 빼는거부터 ㅋㅋㅋ

wow potatoes is with full of energy. haha
You are also fond of eating like me. i like this.
All the best. have a nice day...

lol yes potatoes probably do have lots of energy in them. i'm not cutting out all carbs yet :)
good day

have a great day my friend..

Good luck with the new diet @roundbeargames it is always hard at first changing eating habits.

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yea man i just saw your video. i like what you're doing :)
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I agree that when it comes to eating better, it is really hard because everything but veggies are demonized by some school of thought. I would say make sure you get lots of fibres. Brown rice for example has lots of fibres and white rice has none. Also, upping the legumes and lowering the meat is a great idea. After a few months of doing that, you will feel full with less. Sea weed also helps with that by adding trace minerals to your diet.

You know how much I’m rooting for your health, just keep up the good work!!!!

Good choice I quite sugar a few months ago and am now eating a lot more meat with the fat still on it.

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yea man i think fat from meat is fine as long as you don't have it with sugary sauce and all the carbs that come along :)

That's my thoughts as well.

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