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It is not good to eat without us.

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Thank you......

lol ok

5kg that's a lot man. Keep it up. I always say the air fryer are the speeding version of an oven, and it really is. Love it so much too.

yea man i'm hitting 7kg now. gotta keep going!

I only see this air fryer on shopping TV but it looks like a good kitchen tool to have. I love how it's compact and it seems like it's easy to clean. I'll take this as a review of this air fryer. Thanks. Hahaha

yea i was only seeing it on tv too until one of my friends told me about it :)
then my wife brought one home so i tried it out. it was way better than expected

good tool, very practical to process fast meat, the result of this fry is definitely crispy to eat, enjoy your best friend, @roundbeargames, 😊

yes it's extremely practical! very quick and easy. it's why i love it :)
also tastes quite nice

wife likes and friend also likes to prepare food,

wow so you like cooking too..
by the way it looks so delicious my friend..
which thing you like more programming or cooking??..
Have a nice day my friend...

haha it's not exactly cooking. all i do is turn the dial. literally.
i like programming much more :)

haha i know that...

I like meat a lot. Especially beef and chicken meat. I have lots of choice when frozen beef fries, when it takes the black color of meat, I like it very much.

Chicken fries are my favorites. I am surprised to know that you do not like your fries ??

i absolutely love meat :)
i also enjoy fried things. but im just trying to eat a little more healthy now

Glad the air fryer is working well. And top effort on the weight loss.

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yea man honestly it was way better than expected.
and i'm still continuing to lose weight! :)

워너비 핫템 에어프라이어~♥♩♬

바삭 바삭한 치느님~♥
맥주신님이 급땡김에도...
수련 수행의 고난 속에서 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

행복한 ♥ 불금 보내셔용~^^

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ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 네. 후라이드처럼 정말 튀기는건 아니지만 나름 바삭합니다.
요즘 다이어트중이라 맥주는 안먹는중! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
님도 불금잘보내세요~

Very sophisticated cooking tool. Very suitable for those who run a healthy diet. Too bad the tool hasn't entered my area yet.

yea very simply for user tho :)
i just set time and temperature. i love it so far

Good post, i like it

thanks :)

OK dude. I will give that juicy beef a try 😂

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haha maybe a little too greasy but it was alright

Mouth watering... Have a wonderful day @roundbeargames

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honestly it's not as good as typical foods with lots of sugar but still quite nice :)
have a great day

😄😄 a simple food and look like delicious😋

it was good. but not as good as a complicated dish with lots of sugar 😆

do not eat excess sugar, preferably a little sugar and savory😆

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yea a little is ok. for now i'm just trying to cut out ALL sugar :)


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I feel like things are looking up for crypto too. Boy get rid of that deep fryer, you don’t need that! Focus more on eating healthy at least that’s my advice as a fitness instructor. As a fellow love of meat I approve and find it mouth watering.

lol yea man meat should be fine as long as you're not adding sugar to it which most restaurants do. so far i feel good cutting out sugar as much as possible.

as for crypto i really do feel like 2019 might be the end of the winter. who knows :)

I like nutritious food

yea man so do i :)

It is seems very delicious.. l like it...

yea man it was alright. not as good as what you eat at a restaurant but sure feels a lot healthier 😆

Good luck with your diet... You have inspired me!

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  ·  4 years ago 

With the healthier air fryer, I bet you can lose your weight easier @roundbeargames bro 👍😀

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yea man. and already losing weight :)
gotta keep going until i lose something like 20kg

  ·  4 years ago 

Keep it up bro, once you've lose 20kg = you can be the new Steemit Korean Idol 👏👍💪

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lol that won't happen tho

It is a good effort for friends to re-normalize your body shape.
I support your way to diet, hopefully your wishes will be achieved. 👍

yes my body wasn't normal for 5 years almost 😆 maybe 6 or 7 haha
let's hope i can be fit again

I hope so,
as long as you keep trying friends. 👍

I have no problem cooking my beef steak in there.

extraordinary diet program. the thinner, the more handsome it must be ... hehehe

haha hopefully.. :)
at least my wife will like it

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진짜 에어프라이기 하나 사야하나 싶네요 ㅋㅋㅋ
배고픈 시간에 봐서 더 힘듭니다 ㅠㅍ

ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 네 이틀째 써보는 중인데 아직까지는 만족입니다

@roundbeargames de verdad que parece una especie de olla de presión pero está te permite freir un poco la carne que te vas a comer Pollo, Cerdo y la de vacuno amigo creo que has tomado la mejor decisión para tí esa de no incluir en tu dieta productos que contengan una gran cantidad de azúcares, felicidades por ello y que continues asi tratando de comer lo más natural posible

thanks @franciscana23 i think it's a good decision too :)
as long as i'm cutting out sugar i should be fine. have a great weekend! sier 🎩🎩🎩

you mean searing? :)

wow 4-5 kg is a big deal! good job man

still have 15kg more to go! 😁
enjoy your weekend man!


it definitely made my life easier :)
i hope you have a great week brother

it looks like you always like fried chicken

yes i do! i love it :)

I Like deep fry beef and just boil brocoli.
Have a nice weekend man!

haha that works too :)
you have a great week!

Surely! 😊

I was thinking of buying something like this. But I think the electricity consumption is quite high. It was 1000 watt. That's the one I was looking. So, it will consume all the electricity in my place.

i see. in that case i guess traditional fire will do?
seoul uses a shit ton of electricity polluting everything

That air fryer is the best and a good alternative. Believe me that everything you do in that machine will like you. I'm glad you've already noticed the change.

yes it's the perfect alternative for me :)
it's not as good as traditionally cooked food but still nice

This is the first time I know about this. Thank you for sharing. Wanna try this kind of method of cooking for healthier life.

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haha it's my first time too :)
i just wanted to share because it was alright

Good sharing, so interesting fact to know and inform other people.

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Buenos días amigo @roundbeargames deseo que se encuentre bien , exelente aparato ya que así puedes preparar tu comida sana . Los muslos de pollo se ven que quedaron delisioso . Que tenga un gran día amigo.

thanks amigo you have a great day too!
and i'll continue to lose weight :)

its looks like very yamee and testy specially beef .. do you like to cooking.?

i hate cooking haha
i just put meat in and it's done :)

ha ha ha .. that funny .. and i was thinking you love cooking..

Oh wow the results look alot better than I expected, hmm pretty interesting @roundbeargames.

yes i was surprised it cooks quite well. i tried out beef steak today it was very nice too.
way above my expectations

에어 프라이어 쓸만한가요? 저거 있으면 좋겠다는 생각을 하고 있네요. 일단 기름을 쓰지 않으니 건강 측면에서는 많이 좋을 거 같아 보여요.

네 최근 소 돼지 닭 고구마 해봣는데 아직까지는 만족입니다 ^^ 기름튈일 없고 청소도 간편해요 ㅋㅋㅋ

@roundbeargames, It's reflecting as slowly you are turning out to be Master Chef. Ha ha 😂😂

Enjoy your foodie times brother and stay healthy and stay in peace. Stay blessed.

Posted using Partiko Android

lol no man. master chef actually has cooking in it :)
but anyways this sure feels a lot healtheir!
have a great weekend

Enjoy this healthy season and have a blessed time ahead.

  ·  4 years ago Reveal Comment

yes it was quite nice :)

  ·  4 years ago Reveal Comment

i think this thing came in quite recently in korea. very nice tool