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Id like to collect some items too. 😊😊 Nice things you have there bro.

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yea man start collecting and take some photos/videos! :)

Tiger balm is indeed one of the most effective muscle relief cream. However, there's one hidden usage people may not know. I learn that back in college days.

  1. Wear a condom, apply a layer of tiger balm on the rubber surface.

  2. Put on another layer of condom, rub another layer of tiger balm on the rubber surface.

  3. Put on yet another layer of condom, now can have sex without worrying too much if case of rupture.

If the outer layer break, sure the partner will feel the coldness and scream. Will still have 2 layer to go. If it breaks again, of course the partner will feel another level of coldness and scream again. By then we should know we left only one last layer and should take cautious either continue to risk it or put on new protection 😂

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yo what?!?!?! 3 might be taking it a little too far no?
1 was fine for me most of the time :)
but that's good to know.

in korea tigers are often synonymous with male performance.
i'm sure it's the same in many asian countries ㅇ_ㅇ

Nah. It was a joke, more like they're making fun of people who doesn't how to use condom properly 😂 and, those methyl are too spicy to apply at that place, wouldn't perform anyway I think.😂 Yeah, tiger for the ballsiness = male hormones 🤣

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lol ok i'm sure there's someone who put it on his junk :)

Oh my God! I want to laugh too much. Partner will die in hotness of that tiger balm.. no way!

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Which is why, the final layer didn't need to put tiger balm. But when the partner start to feel the "hotness" inside, then we know something wrong with the condom 😂

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You made my day Sir! I only knew, it is good for my knee pain. Jajaja

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I thought this was a new cure for yeast infection or something. Ouch!!

Never stop exploring. We live, we learn 😂

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I really have no idea. I just like tigers.

Haha, best possible reason to buy something xD

I like collecting souvenirs from various places I visit. It's a nice keep-sake to remind you about the cool shit that you've done :-)

oh yea man you put it perfectly. i like them because they remind me of the experience 😁👍
i probably put zero meaning on the object itself lol

i like the souvenir that you bought from Chiang Mai!!
Fortune is telling the truth. "Stay in crypto land" :)

thanks man. they're more like random shit that i like personally.
stay in crypto land and steem on :)

Buenos días amigo @roundbeargames deseo que se encuentre bien , no conocía las hojas hechas con estiércol de elefante y que bueno que trajo para su casa recuerdos así era yo cuando viajaba, la comida se ve muy bien solo que le faltó la cerveza en la mesa 😁. Que tengas un exelente día amigo

thanks friend! i didn't know they made anything out of elephant shit!
there some other things there too, not just paper. quite interesting.
anyways have a great day!

Nice collection of stuff mate.

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thanks mate! some random stuff i like personally :)

I think you wife happy to got all this things. and specially tiger balm its very useful.. we are aslo use this for pain.. ...

have nice day man..

yea man looks like people are familiar with it. only i knew about it very recently lol
have a great day my friend

you too

Well i have not seen any of this either but i guess i will make use of this budda blessing as everbody want blessing

yes we all want the million dollar blessing! 😎

hi @roundbeargames when I was still working in a company, I always prepared tiger balm because it has a very special fragrance, it turns out that it was from Thailand huh, and saw the food was a large portion too😄

wow so looks like it is quite useful!
i don't plan on opening it tho haha
it's more like a souvenir for my bookshelf.

Opened, used if you are dizzy or sore, it must be very nice and pervasive😄

haha ok 👍


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Really interesting souvenirs. But if you ask me what souvenirs I want from your souvenirs, I will definitely answer a tiger balm that can relieve my bone pain.

i guess it really works! 😄
i bought it just to keep it on my shelf tho. i like tigers lol

Thanks you brother..for informasion

there's no info here

it seems that you seem to eat very deliciously today

this was from my short trip to thailand :)
i'm eating boring healthy foods now

태국에 잘 다녀오셨군요. 저도 언젠가 태국에 한번.....

네 ㅎㅎ 처음갔는데 좋더라고여 :)
아쉬운면도 있지만 전체적으로 잼있었어요

Buddha blessings might help with that wish to golden Buddha 😁
paper looked bigger in that first post. still interesting, paper made from shit 😁

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maybe i'm just ignorant but for a while i had trouble believing they made paper out of shit. i had to bring it home :)
anyways golden buddha pls bring me fortune

Share with me for stay in crypto land 😂

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everybody stay in crypto land! :)

I enjoy traveling friend, leaving stories, very inspired by collection material, valuable item to save, I enjoy friend, @roundbeargames, 😊

until quite recently i was never interested in traveling. but i think i am! :)
enjoy your day friend

@roundbeargames, You've collected some stuff for sure. And Tiger Balm is famous at my place too.

But now you are reflecting as a collector. Time to collect more. Ha ha

Stay Blessed.

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lol yea definitely time to start collecting more! 👍
interesting how everyone seems to be familiar with tiger balm except me!

Ha ha....... never late to know something. 🙂🙂

  ·  3 years ago 

Tiger balms are very popular in Southeast Asia region. It's must have for every household @roundbeargames bro. The elephant shitty paper is very special indeed 😀

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dang i didn't know it was a household name 😆
looks like only i didnt know!

but yea that elephant shit paper is pretty nice

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Have a wonderful day @roundbeargames

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you too man! 👋

very interesting collection and information

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very random collection :)
can't even call it a collection yet

Great post.. i never knew that tiger balm still exists. Last time i saw tiger balm i was like 10 yrs old. probably they stopped the import of tiger balms here in the philippines to give way to local leniment oils.

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thanks for coming :)
looks like everyone knows about the tiger balm except me!
enjoy your friday!

What interesting things, but especially that food really looks delicious!

yes the food was awesome :)
way better than what i expected.

Yeh it’s super exhausting being in a different country and doing a lot of commuting and walking..

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yes just sitting around is so painful! 😥

Wow I like tiger balm for the pain of my knee, jejeje. Good tiger choice Sir.

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i plan on keeping it on my shelf but maybe i'll use it one day! :)

I love the Tiger Balm. Just put some on your forehead above your ears and the headache goes away. Try other places like muscle pains. It kind of works like acupuncture.

The fortunes are general so they are what you make out of them, but I see how these fortunes can be applied to your life. Your wife must be exhausted. She needs a lot of prayer as she works in the company everyday. According to your fortune it looks like you should support her and stay with her and yes you should also be faithful to your dream.

I will put my Lunar New Year pictures up soon. I was having some trouble getting those pictures together.

lol yes those fortunes are so general you can turn it into anything you want. i like your interpretation too

yea my wife is super tired. 설날 is intense work days. we always need a long break after this so called "lunar holidays"

i would love to see your pictures tho :)

hello :) welcome back!

the elephant shit paper can turn out as a great prank :P If people come into your home and want something to wipe/clean their hands face etc etc suggest them this paper. Tell a backstory to make it more believable cause it's obvious that for writing and if they clean their hands then show them the sticker of poopoopaper and let the fun begin :P

lol never thought of that 😈

brother greeting that good here I knew the tiger balm in my country, and good that protection that was put in the hand, for good luck. and the seve seve delicious food that I remember.

thanks brother let's hope you and i i get some good luck in 2019 :)
everybody knows tiger balm except me!

That's a nice collection of the incredible force you have there :)

lol thanks :) it's a very random force

wow nice collection my friend...
in this week i am so busy and unable to come online.
but today i get some time... Beautiful post as always my friend..
i love your food. its really delicious...
thanks for share with us..

thanks for spending your time to be here :)
those are very random collections but maybe i'll add more as time goes

It's good to read your blog. The yarn in your hand we have yarn barriers in our hands but red. For fulfilling the desire.

cool i didn't know that! thanks for telling me.
too bad i don't have it on me anymore 😆

Excelente post amigo @roundbeargames

thanks friend! :)

very random, as long as you don't randomly scramble

i like egg scrambles

Oh my gosh, you could write the best shitpost on that paper XD

haha i could :) i'm just keeping it on my shelf tho

타이거밤과 코끼리풉~ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
행복한 ♥ 일욜 보내셔용~^^

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ㅋㅋㅋ 타이거밤은 언뜻 어디서 본듯한데 코끼리똥으로 만든 상품은 충격이었어요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
뭔가 많았는데 딱 푸라고 써있는거 하나 사옴 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

We also really like balm. but in our place there is no such name.
I always provide balm at my house. because balm can relieve dizziness, colds, muscle aches, low back pain, headaches and eliminate itching from mosquito and insect bites.
In the world of sports many use balms for their athletes.
In my pocket is always available a box of small balm.

You really enjoy the food, friend, is that it?

Paper from elephant manure, do you know the mechanism for processing it into a piece of paper?

What has been arranged on your shelf is a small robot, do you buy it in Thailand too?


damn that's cool. the natural balm :)
nothing's natural in my country haha

i have no idea how they process shit into paper but i like the fact that they're recycling shit.

the lego is a gift from my wife. quite random 👍

Thank you 👍