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That's where you have gone missing lately...
Seems like a wonderful trip!

haha yea. i could've posted while i was there but decided not to.
gotta enjoy the moment!
enjoy your weekend

Thank you, enjoy your days too!

Happy lunar holiday, happy year of the boar! All the blessings and many more!

yo man long time no see!
blessings for the lunar new year!

Dude! That glass is a fucking A! Did you get one of those? 😂

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lol no i thought about buying it but didn't. too expensive for a cup
i figured a picture is enough :)

Put it this way, elephant itself is even stinkier than their droppings. Basically these guys are vegetarian, so their poop basically smells like grass but that's all.😂

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haha that's good to know. next time i'll go see them and make stinkier shitposts :)

I pray your wish you asked from budda to be answered and I am sure you are going to give me like hundred USD

lol i'm sure buddha can afford 2 mil usd :)
make it one mil for each of us

Good morning and good Sunday, the temple is wonderful ...
I would like to see more pictures from this temple...

good morning! i like temples :)
tho i found it interesting how buddha is covered in gold when i thought he freed himself from earthly things.

You look so gentleman. Keep up the good work.

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haha i wasn't gentle at all. i had lots of fun :)

Buddha bless you... I think we need to drink its sunday! 🍻 Ganbei Have a wonderful day @roundbeargames

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haha yes i think i'll be drinking a lot tomorrow because it's a big holiday in korea.
enjoy your weekend!

Here in the Philippines, it's also a big holiday tomorrow. It's a day for sticky rice and mooncakes and money gifts! Happy Chinese New Year!

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I think thats a enjoyable vacations. Lets see what Buddha give you end of 2019.. I hope Buddha give you the best.

haha yes we'll see! i'll cover myself in gold too 😄

  ·  3 years ago 

Wow, U bet that elephant shit is going to be the most shitty memorable gift that you ever bought from Thailand, @roundbeargames bro 😂Also, welcome back to your home again~

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lol yes literal shit!
next time i'll go for a month or something and see real elephants :)

  ·  3 years ago 

Sounds great, seeing elephants pooping must be very exciting bro 😂

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Sounds like you had a great time away and thanks for sharing it with us :)

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thanks man it was awesome. definitely worth visiting again :)

Glad you had an awesome time :-)

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@roundbeargames If I see the place is very good, Tom Yum Goong is the name of the food right ??
and a skull like that looks good too😊

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yes it's name of the food :)
it was great
i loved the skull. i wanted to buy the cup but was too expensive for what it is

May I know how much it costs there?
Tom Yum Goong Thai food isn't it?

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it's probably thai but i think there's different versions in some other countries as well. i'm not sure 😆
i didn't pay too much attention to price tho. i cant remember but it was quite cheap imo

Cheap imo😄

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Congratulations, you have finally returned home.

What is the first time you check when you arrive at home?
Is it a cat, or something else.

Your beautiful picture shows us. Indeed, Thailand is really beautiful.

I like catfish, sticky rice and duck meat you mentioned earlier.

O yeah, the glass is very unique I see. make little kids surprised. 😬

haha the cat always greets me when i come home. so cat first :)
yes thailand was beautiful indeed.
i plan on visiting again, probably for longer periods next time.

good places have chosen friends for holidays, I am happy to hear this, @roundbeargames,🕺👌👍😊

thanks @jhoni it was a fun trip.
enjoy your weekend!

Vacations always make us tired for a day but it is worth it. You are blessed.

He was covered in gold so I figured I could ask.

This is one of your greatest shit posts including real elephant shit.

I am sold.

We are in Choongchun Do at the in-laws. So far one of the more peaceful family meetings we've experienced in the past 20 years.

i thought it was super cool they made paper out of elephant shit.

i'm happy to hear nothing bad happened at the in-laws. i'll be going to visit my in-laws and other relatives in gwangju tomorrow morning. i hope nothing shitty happens :)

Good luck and keep your cool

lol yo i'm back and everything was generally good. i'm so happy to be back home :)

Buenos días mi amigo @roundbeargames deseo que se encuentre bien y me alegro que ya estés en tu casa . Dios quisiera que buda te consediera ese milagro de ayudarte a conseguir esa cantidad o más de la que le pedistes amigo. Que tengas un exelente día amigo

haha thanks let's see if i get the exact amount i asked for 😆
enjoy your sunday!

you are like me you love the food....
Beautiful temple of lord Buddha...
Your wish will come true "million USD by the end of 2019. " before your time.. haha
Beautiful post my friend..

yes i love local foods wherever i go. in most cases they're quite nice.
we'll wait and see if my wish comes true! :)

how are you doing with your cats after surviving alone?

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the cat is fine 😺
i left enough food and sand for her to survive for a few days. 4 days was probably the maximum.

Muy buen Lunes para ti @roundbeargames, Domingo todavía aqui en Venezuela las fotos que nos muestras hoy están espectacules sobre todo la del templo de Buddha y la más curiosa es la de tomar el Café en un Cráneo. Saludos y como siempre apoyandolo amigo y a Steemit.

yes i thought buddha and the skull were interesting :)
it's definitely worth visiting again. enjoy your weekend!

캬~! 잘 다녀오셨군요~ㅋㅋ

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very nice holiday. have a fresh return and start the activity smoothly in the following days

yes it was rejuvenating. will start being productive again soon!

haha epic trip, glad you enjoyed the food and photos can always wait for the next trip.
lol did you buy that elephant poo thing ?

yes i paid for it. i thought it was super cool haha

What a good friend you have purified yourself with the Buddha, very nice photo of the Buddha I hope that you fulfill that desire, faith moves mountain. greeting brother.

haha i like the word purified. let's see if my wish becomes true this year 😆

@roundbeargames, Ha ha, wish that your wish of Million Dollar will come true brother. "Covered in gold, i thought i can ask". Ha ha ha 😂😂😂😂😂

Stay Blessed.

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haha yes we'll wait and see. i'll cover myself in gold too 😆

Good luck..... 😁

Where I am and I can not eat local food. Hope your tour has been successful.

you mean you cannot eat thai food there? :)

Thailand has some really yummy deep fried fish and I don’t know the name for it haha

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lol yes. even on the menu it said local fish so i have no idea. but it was deep fried and amazing 😆

Yeh!!! I asked @waybeyondpadthai and she had no idea even when I showed her the photo ahha

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Excelente post amigo @roundbeargames que bueno que estés de vuelta

thank you. and i'm happy that you're here @nieuscarin :)

friend send me few years ago (from canada) literally the same glasses, but i never thought about drinking latte from them :D

didn't get what is the point of the poo. can't even guess the size. does it have some useful application or is it just souvenir poo?

Lol its paper made from recycled poo but to me its just a souvenir :)

Congratulations @roundbeargames!
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the second and third photos are really cool and amazing 😎👍👌
Wow nice holiday, have a nice vacation
@roundbeargames don't forget to keep your health 😊

you mean the temple? yes they were very interesting.
i'm getting good rest now so will get back to work soon with good health! :)

looked you was so happy with your holiday, Man😄😄😄
It'll make you get more inspiration☺

thanks! tho the best moments were not captured because i usually choose to enjoy rather than pulling out my camera. but yea overall it was quite inspiring to see new things. happy lunar new year!

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Welcome Back!
I love these nice looking Pictures and also the one with the Elephant poo to cover your post with literal shit, that's a pretty neat move.;-)
I wonder how much they ask for such a cool looking Skull glas.
I am a bit superstitious too, i think also good deeds will create good reactions, the Karmic rule, also i wouldn't dare to ask Buddha for money tbh. I would wish for Health, Wisdom and Knowledge to make more money with my own endeavor.

I just googled why Buddha is covered in Gold and found out the following:

Given its association with Sun, gold in Buddhism stands for knowledge, enlightenment, purity, happiness, and freedom. Source:

I am also not the religious type of Cat but my Hunger for wisdom could be the blessing of Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge, music, art, wisdom, and nature. Who really knows? I am pretty open minded.;-)

May your Endeavour bring you the Moneys you need.

dang i could've googled why but i assumed buddha's rich or something lol
which i thought was kinda weird cuz gold is precious but he was supposed to transcend all that.
but anyways the temples had a serious calm environment where you just wanted to wish for something nice.

the overall experience was great. and let's hope my wish comes true this year :)

I'm glad you enjoyed the trip 😁

thank you :) it was fun!

the best way to showcase how good was the food is showing none of their photos. Because they were so good that you can't serve them with camera before the mouth.

exactly! 😆
i do have some pictures that include food, but it's never the main thing in any of my photos.
i've shared some other photos just now :)

Nice !!! I have been there once. Very special place, something magical about it. I personally can't stand the food LOL

yes it was my first time too. tho for me the food was wonderful lol
i have yet to experience local foods that i cannot eat.
but overall the experience was pretty amazing 👍

great photos, if Buddha decides to grant your wish spare something for me too :P the skull late rocks! at first i didn't see the glass :P

i'll ask him to give you a million too. then we're both happy as fuck :)
the cup was pretty cool. i thought about buying it but was too expensive for what it is

I was interested in the picture of the building, but what the contents of the building were

yes it was quite interesting because i thought buddha transcended earthly things 😆