Still alive, but very uninspired

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So that's... four days ago since my last post?

I'm sorry. I usually write more, but I'm just very uninspired right now. Uninspired to share mostly. I have been gaming. Doing the winter events in Guild Wars 2 and New World and also doing some World vs World and some Gods Unchained.

I've decided in New World, I'm not going for the outfit, because the wintery outfit that was free looks better. So I'm now collecting tokens and reputation for a stag ice sculpture as home decoration. I think I might manage to get there aswell! Already have the tokens lined up, now I just need more reputation. Slow and steady.


In Gods Unchained, I need to rethink my decks. I think I have too many low mana cards. But I haven't had the energy to really think of a good synergy deck so far and I've only played a few games at a time. I think I'm too impatient for a cardgame against other humans! I've got many moves already lined up in my head which might change slightly according to my opponent, but I'm pretty quick with my turns. My opponents... not so much! So especially when I'm on the losing side of a game and someone is still taking their sweet time to think about how they are going to grind me into the dust, I just concede the match in frustration.

That's not just a Gods Unchained thing I guess. I'm really impatient overall. My thoughts are usually ahead of my and other people's actions (and their thoughts) and that gets frustrating.

In other news, we did garden work when the temperature was still good (It is freeeezing now). We bought a good shovel (or spade?), one that doesn't bend when trying to shovel up clay, and we moved some things around. I moved a berry bush, which is now standing really crooked in its new spot (heavy!) and together, we removed a frustrating bush and moved one of our cherry trees over to that spot. I'll tell you, moving trees will not become a hobby of ours. Oh my gosh, that was so hard! And we hurt afterwards! During aswell, but even worse afterwards! But it's in its new spot now, a spot where neighbours can't complain about it ever and a spot where it'll give us more privacy during summers. Now I just hope it'll survive the trip. Poor thing... I didn't expect it to get this cold this fast...

And in other, other news, I am going to try making some vegan dessert thingies. I say desserts, I was thinking about cheesecake with tofu and vegan magic cookie bars. All for a birthday/Christmas dinner at my brother's place. With four people. We'll be four people. I'll just need the one good dessert, but I'm scared I'll mess them both up.

Gosh, I would be so happy to have a good, vegan cheesecake recipe...

I made one a while ago, which had a pretty good consistency, but I think it just needs a LOT more sugar. Trying one with tofu now, which is much cheaper than the vegan cream cheese and plant-based yoghurts.

And that, my friends, was my update. I hope to get some more inspiration soon! If not, I wish you all good holidays!

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I think a lot of people have been struggling to post. I have been struggling to find decent content to comment on

Sometimes it is good to take a break for a few days and then come back with more energy, I hope you have good inspirations since we really like to read your publications. Have a nice day.

Glad to read you again, I see you've been very busy between home and games. If the last cheesecake you made turned out good, then don't worry, make it the same, just add a little more sugar, and then tell us how the cake turned out.

Inspirations come and go, when they arrive we must be equipped tocapture them as you normally do. Greetings.