25% ROI after hard fork. Thoughts about attracting delegations in my curation bot. 26,000 SP now!!!

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Operations Stable

Hello everybody. It looks like Operations after HF20 Update are really stable. :)

But it was not always so. I have nothing to complain about. Over the past week, as a result of the bug in HF20, voting bots and exchanges have lost much more. I also lost a week of curation, but this is nothing compared to how much work ahead.

At the moment, my bot has been successfully running under the new rules after HF20. Preliminary data show that ROI is not affected and may even have increased (not less than 25% ROI). As before, I plan to issue weekly earnings and ROI reports. See you in a week here.

Quite by chance, I didn't apply to the MinnowBooster whitelist, but received a notification about whitelisting in the transactions. Trifle, but nice. Thank you MB!

Attracting delegations

As I said, my bot brings at least 25% ROI. At this moment, my bot is funded from my own money. Some of them are in the SP and the other part is used to trade delegations in the MinnowBooster Delegations Market. I buy delegations at a price of 14.6% ROI + 10% MB commission.

Do you think it makes sense to raise funds (delegations) from outside? I can pay delegates 75% of the bot's earnings. At the moment it is ~ 19 ROI and this percentage will grow. After all, I develop a bot and it has great potential. I can easily automate payments, make them weekly, this is not a problem.

It's just thinking out loud. Do you think it is worth to attract delegations or is it easier to buy them in the MB Market?

By the way, now I have 26,000 SP and I plan to grow to 150,000 SP in just a few months. How do you like that?

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I do very similar yet for votes, I have 10k on @dgi and offer tier level upvotes and free upvotes for curation trail members.

Nice to meet you, colleague :)

Check blocktrades, has a great deal for delegation right now.

Blocktrades gives delegations at 23% per year now. This is much better than before. But much more SP you can take in the @minnowbooster market.

I undelegated to all bots right after the HF. I couldn't do anything and wanted my Steem Power back. I wonder how many others did the same.

If you can raise delegation from MB delegation market cheaper than the 75% of the bot's earnings i.e. 19% ...that you plan to pay to your delegators; then it's a no-brainer that you should try MB delegation market as much as you can.
Good luck!

Of course you're right. Thank you for feedback.

You will have to delegate a part from MB of course tired to find a way to delegate the huge part out of MB market :)

Thanks for the feedback. Do you know other ways to attract delegations than the MB market? Only direct delegation requests come to my mind but I'm afraid they will be confused with spam.

You can contact @timcliff he is a witness he is a good person can help you with that he is working with MB but you can suggest him the ROI that suits you and fit him. that if there is some SP available.
I want to delegate you but i don't have enough SP you know

Thank You @NFC for curating my steemit blog!

I like and happy for your help.i hope you help me for better business to me.

Good job man .

Hope you achieve your 150,000 SP goal as planned, @nfc.

Your upvote is unfortunately coming in under 12 minutes so it doesnt do anything. You are losing curation. You should take a look at that. :)

Hello. Just saw your message!

After the HF20, the curation window was reduced to 15 minutes.

Voting at 12 minutes gives me 80% of curation rewards. 20% of rewards will be burned (returned to pool).

According to this vote for 12 minutes is not useless. What did you mean in your message?

Regards, thanks for the reply.

I was getting notified that you voted at minutes far earlier then minute 12 so i wanted to warn you.

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  ·  4 years ago (edited)

Thank. But you wrote that my vote "doesn’t do anything". This surprised me and I would like to know more about what you had in mind.
My calculations are listed in the post above.

I probably meant vote. Haha

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나의 스팀잇에 항상 와줘서 고마워 !!!^^