The little world that I used to draw and play with dice with my friends

in blog •  2 years ago  (edited)

I wanted to share with all friends some pictures that I drew and took pictures of in 2009. I was addicted to drawing war zones in the past, where the story revolves around evil aliens who wanted to invade a planet where other good aliens live that have the shape of a human head only and move and live in Developed cities that have technology and a very great development where humans intervene to save the situation, but the interfering humans are only 3 people who throw the dice and move squares equal to the number in which the dice fell. The player may move to a dangerous area while he may move to a natural logic or region to obtain Rewards, as there are in the game, some areas in which there are mathematical operations and gas for rewards. Rewards are used as weapons to fight alien invaders, while the stars obtained in the game are used by applying some things that are impossible for the player to apply without stars. We will talk about these laws in another publication, God willing.

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