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With Steemfest 4 already in the books, and after making my first post yesterday since like 4 months ago, I noticed something interesting. Even though it took me like 3 hours to make that one, I had fun doing it and I didn't even notice the time fly by. So earlier I did some introspection and I decided to challenge myself to write more often here as my way of contributing to this platform that I love so much and also as a push for me to get out of my comfort zone.

I have some sort of a love-hate relationship with blogging because even though I love reading and learning words and stuff ever since I was a kid, I really find it hard to articulate my thoughts and put it into writing. Or maybe all I need is just practice and some consistency.

I remember @buttcoins presentation during SF 4 when he said that there was a time he challenged himself to post 60 posts in 60 days, and I would love to do that too but maybe it can be a little bit too much pressure for me. (So maybe I'll be doing something similar. Probably something like 30 posts in 30 days instead?)

I actually don't know yet what I'll be posting about but I know I'll figure it out somehow. I hope I won't quit again though as this is already my third time to come back writing but maybe third time's a charm? haha

How about you guys? Did you ever find it hard to blog when you started out? Or did it just come naturally to you?

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A post/day, is a restrictive goal in my opinion. While this is a great motivation for some, it would definitely not suit me.

The problem is not coming up with ideas on what to post, but putting it out there knowing you created something you are proud to call your own.

Quantity vs Quality, I Chose the Latter.

you have a point man. just trying things out and see if this method can get me to post regularly here hehe

All is good, each of us needs to find our own comfort zone. I wish you well.

This is quite the challenge Andy, good luck:) For me is a little difficult sometimes to organize myself and make a descent new post. I guess it dependes at the mood also.

yeah a lot of factors come into play. i just want to challenge myself and see what comes out of it.. hehe

I have worked with one post a day since the start of this year....
Though during Steemfest... I missed a couple of days and it felt weird haha
But I didn't beat myself up for it... I think it is okay to be present, in the moment sometimes
Explore other ways of expressing yourself
Appics, DTube, Actifit.... whichever speaks on a given day :)
I also found challenges helped me plenty at the start
I did loads of Googlyeyes and my favourite FreeWrites... in fact, I can say Free Writes got me into the habit of writing because there's no judgement
Just 5 minutes of text diarrhoea if you will hahaha

All the best with challenging yourself
Don't think too hard about it and wait for the right time to start...
Just go for it.... :)

Wow thank you sooo much for all these tips! Youre right, i shouldnt think too hard about this. Haha i tend to overthink a lot in life and it only leads to analysis paralysis. Really really appreciate you giving me some pointers @kaerpediem and it was a pleasure to meet you in person! Steem on! 😀

I can relate to that, that's pretty much my default
A little less these days... but maybe age helps haha
You are most welcome... I will look out for you on the SteemVerse :D

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Text diarrhoea... 😂🤣
I am always grateful to @mariannewest for the encouragement of freewriting. Yes. It is Freewrite that got me into writing as well. 💪💪💪❤❤❤

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I challenge myself last year to write a post everyday. And I am glad I did. At first it may be hard, so we need to keep pushing and make it a habit. And then it will become easier. Then along the way, we will have some minor downtime and some major brain dead downtime... 😅
But eventually when there is a will, there will always be a way...
You just need to believe in yourself. You can do it!

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thanks for the encouragement! i will try my best! :P

Oh so you attended Steemfest. Nice. Haven't read abt what happened at the event yet.

As for blogging, I used to post daily on here. Once or even twice or thrice a day at most I think. It can get tiring so it really depends on one's goals and reason for posting. Doing one post a day is easy but doing one quality blog a day takes a lot of effort if you're not that into it. 😄

haha yeah i attended SF. which part of the Philippines are you from? im from Cebu btw. any plans on joining SF in the future? it was really fun! would love to see a fellow filipina!

QC. Not sure. Dpende saan ung nxt. Hehe.