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Earlier today I decided to catch up on my email for stuff that I did not get a chance to read the past few days and I came upon a mail from Spotify regarding a recollection of songs that I listened to this 2019. I figured why not, and decided to open the link. I noticed they had sent me this type of email in years past too but I never bothered to open any of them.

When opening the link, you'll be greeted with the intro text below. It's nice that a lot of companies implement this type of feature in order to give us end-users a glimpse of how we had been using their service. It also goes to show how data-driven the world has become and how data is driving most tech companies nowadays.


It features a slideshow of all the songs you've listened to during 2019 and according to Spotify, my favorite artist is Coldplay. Although I gotta admit, I've been a huge of them ever since I started listening to their stuff a few years ago. There's just something about their music that's soothing to the soul. I mean who doesn't like Coldplay right?


These guys round up my top 5 artists that are on my playlist. I'm surprised One Republic wasn't included here as I listen to their music a lot too.


It's funny how our taste in music change and evolve over time. Back then I used to listen to a lot of hip-hop and rap music, nowadays I get my fix listening to pop music and actually I don't enjoy hip-hop as I used to anymore. I guess there's such a thing as our taste in music 'maturing' too?


Music has become a huge part of my life now. I listen to it during work, when I'm exercising, driving, or when I'm just feeling the blues. Heck, I think I'd spent more time listening to music than watching movies this year. Although I'm not much of a movie guy to begin with. hehe


To anyone interested to listen, here's the link to the top songs I listened to this 2019 on Spotify:

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