Can anyone show me why "themarkymark" is not Dan Notestein A.K.A. "blocktrades"?

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People met Dan Notestein A.K.A. "blocktrades" on at least one of the steemfests.
Did anyone meet "themarkymark" there and can attest that he is a different individual?
Except from the cybernetic virtual covid-19 steemfest in 2020.
Is it not interesting why he used a picture of an actor for a while as a cover?
All that changed is that e-HIV cloned STEEM, including the hooked nose which it even removed from STEEM along with most of its most sociopathic elements.
blocktrades, themarkymark, buildawhale, upmyvote, ipromote, pancakes, popcornexpress, and maybe sepracore too, and others still, are all the same one player with multiple accounts and the biggest disguised self voter (both for author and curation and for producer rewards) and biggest corruptor that STEEM ever knew.

Does not he has a quirk that users of the blocktrades exchange get one of the blocktrades proxy accounts' votes?
Otherwise why would anyone use that ripoff exchange?

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Hey I missed ur last comment. Sorry for delay. The marky mark account is downvoting me to zero
It’s fucked up. I did nothing

It’s insane. Hey would you mind talking to me more about this?

I thought you ceased hostilities over 24 hours ago.
In your case, I do not even feel that I have a good guess to why he downvoted you.

Nope he’s doing every post. Will not even answer me to tell me why. Not just me one of my frothed to who Fucking gives half his rewards to a cause. It’s so nuts., Any advice?

Yes, I have, tailored for different roots you might want to take, and while everything I have in mind is legal, it is better to know which root you want to take first, and even prior to it, instead of giving you plenty of advise you will probably not want to follow anyway, and because sharing them here may reduce from their impact.

My guess is that you just want to end hostilities, so everyone whom wants to follow this route should take it like a good boy, and since he does not want to inform you as to why he downvoted you, you should think to yourself and try to change your modus operandi and wait and see if it helps.

My principle advise is that having E-HIV is usually a lossy affair, and therefore one should not expect to even just maintain his purchasing power by having it, so powering down and converting to BTC, or cash, or perhaps even Byteball is a better idea than to stay on E-HIV, and you have a lot more than enough E-HIV to suffice for a 0.03$ vote..

Other routes to take are better suited for steem-chat or something like it, which I never used so far.

I have to warn you that the name of the steem-chat profile may not match the identity of the steem user.