BlockTrades' Steem wallet is temporarily disabled

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Our Steem wallet is shutdown until the crisis around the takeover attempt by Justin Sun is resolved. This is necessary in order to prevent the Steemit tokens that were promised for blockchain development from being dumped on our site, because our site offers automated pricing.

I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, but once this situation is resolved successfully, we will re-enable our Steem wallet for buying and selling Steem and SBD.

I also apologize for not making this post earlier, but I've been super busy working with the community, and operating with less than full sleep, and I was thinking the "under maintenance" message would be sufficient. We have been answering the question individually when customers asked about it on our support email. But I can certainly understand in hindsight that it might raise unnecessary fears without a public post that clarifies why the wallet is under maintenance and when it will resume operation, so I'm correcting that mistake now. Better late than never...

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where can we buy steem currently?

It is now available for sale on our site, we've re-enabled our wallet based on many requests, since it appears that the Steemit stake is locked up for a while and can't be immediately dumped at this point in time.

great thank you! is down?

Sorry about that, we had some technical difficulties, but we're back up now!

thank you

Also, for those who are upset because they couldn't buy Steem from us to vote for community witnesses, please don't be too upset: we already powered up our liquid stake to do the same thing. Steem on!

Thank you for the solidarity shown!

I was bummed, but this makes me feel so much better 💯

That was a best idea to pull down those wrong witnesses. Thanks for the update.

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As all the steem from steeminc are now obviously powered up I do not understand your action... I mean as long as he does not start a powerdown there is no risk of him dumping his steem on blocktrades...
IMHO by shutting down blocktrades you are actually helping him because people can not buy more steem to power up and support the old witnesses or you are forcing them to use those very exchanges that betrayed us and their customers!

Because he already made a post where he proposed a 1 day powerdown rule. What does this make you think his plans are?

Oh, it was just to bring Steem into alignment with other cryptocurrencies, I think he said. There's nothing to worry about :-)

Anyways, I appreciate the sentiment, and I'll talk to the rest of the team and see if there is some way we can handle this and still prevent dumping by Justin. I have a few ideas.

I am more speaking about technicalities... not about his intentions... I mean technically he will not be able to powerdown and dump his steem on blocktrades without a hardfork... as atm all is locked up in powered up SP.. so as long as there is no hardfork bringing power down period to a few days I would assume blocktrades would be safe of him dumping his steem....

I would like to sell my Steem but Im waiting for blocktrades to enable transactions again. Hoping you do it soon

Thanks for supporting the community. Right now I'm all powered up and will hopefully buy if and when BTC recovers and Steem finds out where JS is going.

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Seems to me that's a really wise precaution... when you see sketchy activity in the neighborhood, it's wise to block the exits...

Good Idea, after hearing what Justin said last night I think he’s capable of dumping A LOT of Steem. Sucks it has to be this way because a lot of us use your service and it makes trading Steem nice and easy. Am much as I don’t like it, if I was you I would do the same thing,

Completely understandable @blocktrades and thank you for communicating with us on this matter. I know of several that were a bit nervous about it.
Would very much like to thank you for your stance and action during this poop storm. I for one will not forget it. THANK YOU and we'll see you on the other side.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

All good. This took me by surprise at first when I noticed blocktrades' steem trading was "under maintenance" but once I took a few hours to read up on what's happening I fully understood and support your (and many other's) efforts here.

While the current mess is unfortunate, I see the community coming out stronger on the other side, and Blocktrades will as well given the nefarious behavior of Poloniax, Binance and Huobi. Anyone trusting those three exchanges after today needs their head checked.

It's also clear now that a new kind of Steem account needs to exist for exchanges that has no voting rights, and that witnesses should have the power to enforce this. Maybe that sounds harsh but there will be a repeat of this mess in the future if safeguards aren't in place.

I suppose, we will let it ride. for now...


Friends of @blocktrades! Difficult times are resolved by taking these types of measures ... They will be victorious as always. Here we will wait for you with open arms ♥ ️

Why should they be dumped here? I thought EVERYBODY is staking and powering up these days? Binance has disabled withdrawals of Steem as well.

What shall I say to you, if not thank you for your commitment in the attempt to save OUR blockchain. And for what it's worth... I voted you as witness and invited all my followers to do the same (using all their available votes).

@tipu curate

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 5/20 - need recharge?)

Good. I wanted to buy more, but good call

Ok thanks for update

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For one, I am not happy, you are keeping me at ransom with this move. It should be easy to only target specific users.
This is just wrong, you should not be able to just prevent me or any other steemian, from using our own money. I am missing opportunities on the market, because you prevent me from using my own money.

I don't understand, what did you mean by that? I noticed you haven't transferred some steem to blocktrades. You have your steem, right? I think you will have find other exchanger. @blocktrades was just protecting steem from justin. We should be thankful for these guy's because they invested more to continue the process that we used to here in steem. I just want to explain why blocktrades did it. I'm just sharing opinion about this matter. Sorry for my words if you'll found it offensive. That's not my intention, have a nice day.

He's not, there are other ways in and out, use Bittrex.

Thanks for the reply and advice. I always just used @blocktrades but I suppose I can register on Bittrex.
This also means that the tokens promised for steemit development can be taken out, even if Blocktrades are disabled - this just don't make sense to me.

Hi, I understand this is all kind of complex, but there is a big difference: on Bittrex, a seller must find someone willing to accept the price offered by the seller. In other words, Bittrex just matches up buyers and sellers, so there's no guarantee you will be able to find a buyer, and Bittrex has no risk either way, since they don't buy/sell themselves.

On BlockTrades, we offer a price that a buyer can accept (there is no third party in the transaction). Also, this is an entirely automated system, so someone can keep selling to us and our system would keep buying. Generally, we're ok with taking this risk, but not when it means we would be accepting Steem that we don't think the seller has legitimate rights to use as he pleases.

These guys also listed steem today : Do you know anything about them ? Can we advice people to use that exchange while yours in not working ?

My recommendation is Bittrex, for now. They are one of the most trustworthy of the centralized exchanges. I would absolutely avoid Poloniex (basically owned by Justin Sun I think). Binance is a problem now because of their voting. That new one you mention could be ok, but I would not keep large amounts there (or on any exchange for that matter). Buy it, then move it your own Steem acount.

So what are your plans if the question about Tron Boys "legitimate rights to use as he pleases" is not a certain time frame?
If it takes longer...??
Can y'all not isolate and freeze certain accounts?

This issue will be resolved soon I believe. In the remote case it takes a while, we'll re-enable and design contingencies. I'm thinking we may do that tomorrow, because I have an idea for how we can handle this and still sell Steem.

That sounds better ;)

Thank you so much for the feedback, and explanation, I really apreciate it!!

@blocktrades I made a Litecoin transfer request last night to my blocktrades Litecoin address that usually auto converts to STEEM. Does this mean my Litecoin is lost??

No, we can process it after we return our wallet to operation. Or if you can't wait, we can refund the litecoin. If you want a refund instead of waiting, ask via the support form on our web site.

Is there any other trading sites that this Sun guy cannot control that people can use in the mean time?

Bittrex is a good choice, IMO.

Do you have a tutorial for trading on Bittrex?

good idea

Thanks for the update! Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the update! Sounds to me like you definitely have our collective best interests at heart.

Let's hope this all ends already so we can have a quick secure way to convert in and out.

Thank you for your effort to help the Community @blocktrades. We will never forgt who ( other Exchanges) collaborated with .... Justin Sun.

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Keep up the great work!


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When did the cake change? I likey. Lol

I don't think there will be a solution.

The solution is always inside the problem. If you look for it you will find it there. Positive mindset generates 10 times the energy and insight as negativity so let's choose to look for answers.

When a problem born , the solution exists but for that you have to struggle.

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There is a solution for everything.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

You know, everyone else will just go over the Binance route cause you blocked the better way to take out our STEEM/SBD. Ugh. I don't even want to do that but if it's still disabled when the price of BTC goes up again then I got no choice but to spend some of my STEEM on Binance fees. 🤦 🤦 🤦

Hopefully you'll reactivate it in a few days. Come on now, you gotta let us take out our earned cryptos.

It is a bummer that this is necessary, but doing so is understandable.

Come on. You're the only exchange that I trust for buying and selling STEEM. If he dumps his share, I know I'll be buying a lot of STEEM on sale. I kinda think a big dump would actually be the best thing that could happen and make us more decentralized; and put this ninja mined stake behind us. I very highly doubt he would use Blocktrades to exit anyway.


Thanks for this post, they really made me nervous and I was not the only one left between surprised and worried about the maintenance of Steem's coins. In fact I published about this one day before this post was published, a colleague saw it and passed me the link to read your explanation.

In my case my post was:

"This coin is under maintenance."

Do not send your STEEM to Binance, Huobi nor Poloniex ;)

I support!

This situation keeps us in suspense and even if we don't want to, it is very unstable. Hopefully everything will be back to normal soon. Thanks for the information.

Thank you for letting us know @blocktrades.


@blocktrades, Thank you for this update team. Hopefully everything will fall at right place very soon. Keep up the good work and stay blessed.

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Thank you.

I’ve read many comments from those who are concerned that our top witnesses are on power down. Why now when SP is so critical to your witness positions?

Appearances can be deceiving sometimes. I can't speak for the other witnesses, but while I am powering down in our blocktrades account, our Steem is just being moved around. Ultimately, all our Steem is being committed to the fight, other than the small amount we're keeping liquid in order to operate our exchange service.

Thanks for this wonderful update 💓🙏💓

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Hey, I just followed @blocktrades account in twitter. Tell me please, can you support us there as well. People will be happy to hear from you and to see you standing with us.

Hi @blocktrades, have you resumed your service already?

I need to convert my ETH to Steem using Blocktrades. Thanks


Noted. Thanks for the confirmation!

better late than never. that word sounds good and is responsible. Maybe you have been very tired in the weeks since Steemit moved leadership. I will wait for you to be active again. I just hope that in the future it will be alright. maybe that's all that can be said of a small fish like me.

To be honest, rather than becoming tired, my interest in Steem has really been re-invigorated by this fight. I've been working around the clock with many community members as we come together to fight this threat and it's exciting and heartening to see the support from the community as a whole.