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Hello readers hope you are doing good. I am here with a new amazing blog to introduce an amazing project to you. The project is Crossing the Yellow Blocks. But before going ahead the most important thing to keep in mind is that you are always advised to do proper research before investing anywhere or consult with your financial advisor.


So, readers Let’s have a brief introduction of the project, What the project is and what do they do is an important question to be addressed. So, readers lets discuss the project, yellow blocks:
Crossing the Yellow Blocks is a “first-of-its-kind” project that ties the expansion in the overall value of the film industry with the limitless potential of blockchain. This is the purpose and goal of launching this project and giving holders the opportunity to participate interacting with The Yellow Dapp. The basic purpose of the project is to bridge the gap between people and technological advancements taking place very rapidly in the digital world. People are unaware of those technologies and don’t know how to deal with that things. Creating stories with developers and potential users as active characters are proven to be the best way to overthrow barriers, allowing the general public to easily understand what benefits to expect and how many different implementations are about to change their daily life. The project is issuing series of documentaries to make the people familiar with the different terminologies and technicalities of digital world. This docuseries has the primary purpose of highlighting the rapid growth of Blockchain applications worldwide. The structure has a strong social commitment and takes advantage of the opportunity to deliver mainstream content with both multimedia and financial intrinsic implications
This potential huge demand will result in public viewers fulfilled by entertainment and information that will answer the questions “What is Blockchain and which use cases can be implemented?”. For nocoiners, the only question remaining for the blockchain adoption will be the “How?”.
So viewers how the project will release and distribute the movies will be the next step which will be followed by the 2 ways, one is online on-demand platforms which will have the following options guys (Apple TV+, Prime Video, Netflix, Rakuten TV, Google Play Movies, HBO...) these are top tier VOD platforms and have over 350 million users in 2021 and also working in more than 120 countries. The second option or choice is Festivals, like (IDFA, Hot Docs, Sheffield Doc, CPH:DOX…) are one of the key elements of the “Crossing the Yellow Blocks” promotion, to get exposure, feedback from the industry, and potentially attract token purchases.
To accomplish the objective, has developed a comprehensive blockchain-based system that is capable of managing the entire economic life cycle of any film production.
Guys next we have the token details of the project: Token symbol is CBK
Token type: ERC-20
Role of Token: Utility/Voting
Max Supply = 21.000.000 CBK
Initial Value = $0,333
Initial Market Capitalization = $6,993,000
So next we have the tokens distribution details and the amount of percentage allotted to each category:
51% is kept as holder’s distribution this percentage is allocated to spread the token as much as possible. This is set to allocate the token offerings.
30% is kept for film production
7% is reserved for each of the followings: DEX uniswap liquidity and token promotion
Initial expenses and Blockchain-related consulting budget are 3% and 2% is for security and infrastructure

Here we have the road map of the project:



The project was started in 2019 and you can see the black color blocks these are the tasks completed at different stages in different time intervals. In the start of year 2021 they released their whitepaper’s volume 1. In Q2 public sale started and they opened by the end of this year company will release CBK whitepaper’s volume 2. The road map of the company keeps on upgrading as the time passes.
The project will go much further in future because the team working in, it is very strong and capable. The following team members are playing crucial role in achieving the required level of performance:
Mr. Alejandro H. , Producer and Director of "Crossing the Yellow Blocks
Mr. Alex Armengol the co-founder at crossing the yellow block.
Mr. José Alejandro Regojo Barrón is the project advisor
Ms. Sofya Puzhaykina is the chief communication officer and Mr. Jorge Costas is Chief Information officer at crossing the yellow blocks.

Viewers you can visit their social media accounts and visit their website for further details.
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