When something bad turns into a blessing!

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This weekend something interesting happened. I was just gonna get something in the basement of where I live, only to discover that it was covered with water. Not very much, but more than enough to destroy quite a lot of boxes and some more stuff.

There wasn't much help to get, so it was just like an SOS to at least get rid of the water, and then find out what was causing it later. That wasn't exactly what I had planned as a Sunday morning activity!

Water is a blessing like this, but in the basement, it isn't!

It turned into a blessing...

A couple of days later, the issue hasn't been entirely solved yet, but it is getting better. But, how did all this water become a blessing?

The world is busy, and so am I. I seldom have time to just relax and talk to my kids and do nothing at all. But, this Sunday, I brought some of my kids to the "pool" and they joined me for a couple of hours just getting rid of the water. And believe me, it was a blessing! Instead of pulling in different directions, we were suddenly pulling in the same direction, with a common goal, and it was an amazing feeling just to work with the same purpose for a common cause!

We need to do it more often, hopefully without the water in the basement, but maybe in helping other people or doing some other well!

That is why I can say with a happy heart that what was really a bad thing, didn't manage to break us, instead, it gave us a family day doing something together!

Have you ever experienced something similar?

I remember watching a movie once in which the kids were fighting in the back of the car. Suddenly the mum turned around and started to tell annoying stories about the kids. Do you know what happened? The kids got angry, and the mum turned into the "enemy". As a result, they united in being annoyed by the mum, and therefore, they stopped arguing.

Sometimes a common cause has a fantastic way of uniting us. Have you ever experienced something similar? I would love to hear from you!

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Nice article

Hello @unbiasedwriter!

How good that everything turned out well for you.

I gave my vote to you as a witness.

Thanks a lot for your upvote and for the vote as a witness! Take care, and I hope you will have a fabulous day! :)