Everything You Need To Know About Bitcoin: A Guide for Beginners

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What is Bitcoin? The Ultimate Guide

Section 1: What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that is created through a complex process called "mining" using sophisticated algorithms. In order to use bitcoin, one must "mine" the currency by solving a mathematical puzzle called a "block" with his or her computer. When a block is "locked," the miner receives a small bitcoin reward for his or her work.

Bitcoin uses cryptography to keep transactions safe and secure, and use of the currency is anonymous. A Bitcoin wallet is a special computer program on a person's computer that stores their bitcoin account information.

How does Bitcoin work? How do you mine bitcoin?

  1. Bitcoin is made possible through complex algorithms called "Mining".

In order to mine bitcoin, one must solve complex cryptographic algorithms called "blocks.

Benefits of Bitcoin

How to Buy Bitcoins

How To Mine Bitcoin

Essential Bitcoin Terms

How To Buy Bitcoins

How To Mine Bitcoins

Why Bitcoins are so Popular

How to Buy Bitcoins

How To Mine Bitcoins

Extended Bitcoin Info and Links

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency, called "cryptocurrency," created through a peer-to-peer network, Bitcoin is also a virtual currency or fiat currency that was designed as a way to eliminate the need for a third-party. That third-party is the government or central bank of a country where people send Bitcoins to one another without the need for an intermediary like a bank or other financial institution.People who trade in Bitcoins are referred to as Bitcoin Miners.

How to Store Bitcoins

The Best Exchange and Payment Gateways for Bitcoin

Bitcoin: Everything You Need to Know

5 Tips to Keep Your Bitcoin Safe

International Legal Issues of Bitcoins

Handling and “Lightning” Transactions

How to Mine Bitcoins

Mining Bitcoins: Quick Start Guide

The Bitcoin Staking Network

The Lightning Network (LN)

Seeding Bitcoin Classic Developers with Bitcoin

The Bitcoin Blockchain (Blockchain)

Block Size Debate

The Bitcoin Lightning Network (LN)

Important Changes to the Bitcoin Blockchain

Bitcoin – A Fast, Anonymous, Secure, Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System

How To Mine Bitcoins and Bitcoin

What is the Blockchain Technology?

Confusingly, a Bitcoin address is a single string of 32-characters that must contain a Bitcoin address and the recipient’s Bitcoin public key.

What is a Blockchain?

Bitcoin is, fundamentally, a system of trust:

Bitcoin is a “cryptocurrency” or digital currency, which is created by a process called “mining”. It is digital in that no physical banknotes or coins exist to spend.

What is a Blockchain? The Everything You Need To Know About Bitcoin: A Guide for Beginners

The Blockchain is the digital ledger that records all Bitcoin transactions that have ever been made. It is maintained by a network of computers called “miners” and is open source – meaning anyone can see it.

Why is Bitcoin So Important?

Bitcoin is no ordinary currency. It is unique because it uses “mining” as a way to regulate the flow of currency – by preventing any money from leaving the system. That way, the currency does not have to leave the holder's control or value at risk.


The most common fallacy that seems to be the underlining characteristic of almost every Bitcoin skeptic and real money investor is the belief that Bitcoin is nothing more than a software algorithm. These people should first understand Bitcoin; what makes it different from every other currency in the world, and what its value is.A cryptocurrency is a form of electronic money, the creation of which requires the use of a digital currency such as the blockchain to verify a transfer, add a value to the coin, and transfer it without the involvement of a third party such as a bank or government.A single Bitcoin is created every time a user makes a transaction with it.The current maximum amount of Bitcoins in existence is around 16.3 million (approximately 12 million are in circulation).

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