Go Ahead... JUST TRY AND MAKE THIS UP! I DARE YOU. By Gregory Mannarino

in bitcoin •  10 months ago 


They want YOU to believe that there are actually SPECTATORS waiting outside Pfizer watching truckloads of VAX leaving the facility and CHEERING!

Go ahead... make it up.


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Thanks again for the updates, Gregory Mannarino - @marketreport. Yes, what are the ingredients, in these shots.

I don't even mind them any longer. All the time, they want us to believe them.

Thanks for your new update with important information.

We should make different betweens politics and Covid-19.

Which vaccine is best you think?

Thanks for keeping us updated.

Still now there is no perfect vaccine for Covid-19.

That sounds promising.At least Pfizer,BioNtech has an answer for the new variant.

Thank you for your support for me, I hope you continue to be more successful in your business

Sangat membantu sekali postingan dari bapak.

Thank you sir for sharing @marketreport

thank you so much for sharing have a nice day

Very nice post

Love to know it

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Uncommon experience

Thanks for the information, it is good that we keep in mind everything regarding vaccines.

Thank you very much for the information, have a good day and a great mood

They will never tell the truth about what is happening.